Window Treatments: How to Customize Your Bedroom

Window treatments are one of my favorite aspects of interior design. I love how they can transform a room. However, if they’re hung incorrectly they can ruin the look of the space. At Lagnappe Customer Interiors, we can create a custom look that’s perfect for your home; keep reading to learn more. Custom Window Treatments […]


Home Improvement: Adding a Kitchen Backsplash

I love the color and style a backsplash can bring to a kitchen! In fact, I recently won an award for Most Creative Space from Virgin Islands Property & Yacht thanks to a design that featured a colorful backsplash; my award-winning Gull Reef project showcased a complete kitchen transformation with tile as the focal point. […]


How to Pick the Perfect Paint for Your Home

Painting the interior walls of your home is one of the best ways to customize and add your own personal style to your space. Picking the right paint color can seem overwhelming, especially considering the time and money that goes into the project. Keep reading for insights into trendy paint colors and tips on covering […]


Tips for Buying Vintage Furniture [Part 2]

Vintage furniture has the ability to uniquely express your style and gives a room a sense of history and a little bit of a story. I love to create rooms that feel as though they have been collected over time and vintage pieces really help. There’s a lot that goes into buying quality vintage furniture, […]


Tips for Buying Vintage Furniture [Part 1]

What’s your style? Every home has a story to tell. The items my clients have that speak of their travels or have been passed down from loved ones make their home special and uniquely theirs. Adding in other carefully chosen pieces can help those vintage artifacts shine.  For many people, going to big box stores […]