A Handmade sink is made with sustainable materials

Why Sustainable Interior Design is Important on an Island

All about Sustainable Interior Design – The Test of Time, and Island Life Sustainable interior design can mean so many things.  It’s creatively repurposing older items. It’s making beautiful things from materials that would otherwise be discarded.  It’s so many things. A few years ago, Baker Furniture was using an ad slogan, “Things chosen well […]

Favorite Finds in an Outdoor Living Area

Clients love planning outdoor living areas for their vacation homes, especially in the late summer. After a season relaxing in the warm air, you can appreciate features needed to enjoy the outdoors. Soak up the sun, lounge under the stars, and embrace dining ‘al fresco’. Favorite finds’ in an outdoor living area. Outdoor Lighting Outdoor […]

Designing Your Dream Outdoor Living Area

Mid-late summer is the perfect time for clients enjoying the outdoors to start planning ideas for designing an outdoor living area in their seasonal vacation home. While enjoying summer, you embrace the relaxation of the air, and soaking up the sun. Now, you appreciate what features you’d like to incorporate outside when you travel to […]

How to Design an Instagrammable Vacation Rental

Stunning vacation rentals with striking interiors capture the eyes of the those who enter them, and now, the hearts and imaginations of those who see images posted on social media. What makes a space ‘social media worthy’, and especially on the number one picture sharing app, Instagram, is the unique features, breathtaking surroundings, and remarkable […]