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Design for Luxury Island Living

We help our clients achieve luxurious designs in their personal residences, vacation rentals and commercial spaces through a unique range of services. Whether you live in St. Thomas or you wish to collaborate virtually, our range of services can be customized from a small consulting package to a turn-key, full-scale home renovation.

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Questions Answered

How much do your services cost?
Fees for our services are based on our experience, your scope of work and the team members who will be needed to make your design dreams a reality. After discussing your goals and timeline and gathering all the info we need, we’ll present a priced proposal for your approval.
What if we don’t live there and won’t be on the island?
We have years of experience collaborating remotely. Through user-friendly technology and engaging renderings, we show you our vision, and communicate through tools such as “Zoom” meetings and a Studio Webware client portal that allows you to keep up with your orders and your project on a 24-7 basis.
How do I ship furnishings there?

You won’t need to worry about the shipping and logistics for anything you purchase from us. If you wish, you can ship your own personal belongings from the states with the help of our trusted business partners who can assist you every step of the way. Also see our free shipping guide.

How does your design process work?

Every project starts with a discovery call. It’s free, and you can book that here. During that call, we will discuss your goals and timeline, and answer your questions. Once we’ve gathered all the information we need, we will present a priced proposal for your approval. Upon your approval, we will schedule your project into our calendar. Scheduling is always based on the type of project and team members you’ll be working with.

How do you make the design process easier?
We understand that you’re busy, and that time is money – both your time personally, and the time you are not able to use your property. Over the years, we have developed an efficient and effective system that shifts all the heavy lifting to us. We’ll lead you through the process step by step to keep your project on track, and will handle coordination with contractors, subs and other services and vendors as needed.
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