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Design for Luxury Island Living

Welcome to Lagnappe Custom Interiors, where the essence of island allure harmonizes seamlessly with innovative sustainability to create bespoke luxury designs in the US Virgin Islands and around the world. Our designs celebrate the fusion between luxurious interiors and the untouched natural beauty that envelops us.

At Lagnappe, we lead the way in pioneering innovative sustainability techniques, redefining the concept of eco-conscious luxury. Guided by a holistic approach, we craft spaces that pay homage to the island's rich heritage while embracing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly practices.

Our journey begins by curating elevated experiences – spaces that effortlessly blend ease, comfort, and functionality to enhance your lifestyle. Recognizing that time is the ultimate luxury, we meticulously design spaces that allow you to savor life's special moments, making the most of this precious resource.

Announcing Starboard Lane

Prepare to be immersed in the essence of island living with Starboard Lane, Lagnappe Custom Interiors' soon to be released exclusive fabric and wall covering lines. Inspired by the natural beauty and vibrant culture of the US Virgin Islands, our collections effortlessly capture the allure of tropical paradise in every thread and print.

Stay tuned as we unveil Starboard Lane, featuring meticulously designed virtual reality show houses curated by our expert team. Each room embodies island luxury, adorned with fabrics from Starboard Lane, creating a virtual showroom that transports you to a world of coastal sophistication.

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