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Bohemian Beachside Haven

The Design Details

Project Island Soul revolves around creating an organic yet elegant atmosphere for a couple with older children who are relocating to the island for business. The clients use the home as their primary residence and host business-related retreats, political fundraisers, and gatherings for their extensive family. The home, blessed by Buddhist monks, exudes a peaceful aura, which the clients wanted to maintain while incorporating modern comforts.

The design focuses on preserving the character of the home by integrating vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces alongside new and modern elements. The emphasis lies on creating a welcoming yet luxurious space that facilitates entertainment and relaxation. The interior design incorporates various zones tailored to the client's lifestyle, including a spacious kitchen with ample food storage and a great room capable of accommodating numerous family members vacationing together.

Special attention is given to guest comfort, with thoughtful amenities such as a well-stocked supply closet, a laundry room for quick turnovers, and a pantry filled with easily accessible snacks. Additionally, a coffee/breakfast bar is set up for convenience, reflecting the clients' love of hosting.

Unique materials and features contribute to the distinctive charm of the home, such as antique Tibetan arches in the entryway and custom-glazed basalt mosaics in the shower of the primary suite. The vanity in the primary suite showcases hand-carved doors from artisans in India, demonstrating the meticulous craftsmanship incorporated into the design.

Overall, Project Island Soul encapsulates the essence of island living with its harmonious blend of natural elements, cultural influences, and modern comforts, providing a serene retreat for the clients and their guests.

Deck Point, St. Thomas
project type:
Private Residence
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