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Ocean View Delight

Tiffany Cassidy Interior Design, Calypso Delight Villa

The Design Details

Used as a summer retreat by a native islander and her family and rented out during the year, this home has a majestic 2-story living area with exposed rafters and 2nd-story windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with a view of the British Virgin Islands. 

Windows and a doorway in the upstairs foyer and master bedroom both look out upon the ocean and down into the living room.

While this arrangement affords a breathtaking view, it challenged air circulation upstairs and made for warm muggy nights. We solved the problem by installing sliding barn doors on the wide master bedroom doorway which can be opened to the view but closed at night for optimum air circulation.

Peterborg Point, St. Thomas
project type:
Vacation Rental & Residence
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