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Master Plan for Design

What is a Master Plan For Design service?

The Master Plan For Design service offers comprehensive design documents, scaled floor plans, and material specifications for your project, empowering you to independently execute the design at your own pace. You receive a Project Binder and a sought-after Budgeting for Design Spreadsheet featuring easily accessible links to purchase specifically selected home items. This allows confident shopping and ensures your design project culminates beautifully.

Is it right for me?

The Master Plan For Design service suits those who prioritize meticulous planning to avoid expensive errors. It's ideal if you seek Lagnappe Interiors' expertise to assemble detailed selections, allowing you the flexibility to implement the plan at your pace and shop gradually, if necessary. This service is accessible worldwide.

What to Expect:

Initial consultation to grasp your vision and objectives.

Develop a 3D model for your space, granting 24/7 access for review.

Provide scaled floor plans and comprehensive lists of materials and furnishings.

Formal presentation of the design with allowance for 2 revisions before finalization.

Curious about your project's possibilities?

Schedule a no-obligation call with one of our team members and download your Master Plan For Design info guide to utilize during your discussion.

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