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Must Haves for Your Vacation Rental

Completing a vacation rental project is a time for celebration! After transforming your getaway into a beautiful haven for unforgettable guest experiences, you might think you’re all set to open your home for bookings, right? But before the first wave of happy renters arrives, there’s one crucial step – stocking your rental with all the essentials they need for the perfect stay.

You might be surprised by how impactful seemingly small things like a reliable coffee maker or a powerful vacuum cleaner can make a big difference. After all, happy guests lead to glowing reviews and repeat bookings!

Sometimes finding these must-have housewares locally in the USVI can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created a thoughtful guide complete with resources that ship directly to your doorstep! From kitchen essentials to entertaining favorites, we’ll cover everything you need to ensure your guests feel right at home.

  • Kitchen Basics

    Here are some of our favorite kitchen must-haves you’ll need when setting up your new vacation home.

    Bamboo Charcuterie Board Set

    • Bamboo Charcuterie Set

      This eco-friendly bamboo cheese charcuterie set, featuring a smooth finish, is a versatile addition to your kitchen décor. Its quality ensures durability and elegance, preserving the natural flavors of your food for enjoyment both indoors and outdoors.

      Ninja Air Fryer

    • Ninja Air-Fryer

      A family-sized air fryer is an ideal addition to your vacation home kitchen. Its non-stick, multifunctional design effortlessly satisfies everyone’s cravings at the push of a button.

      Smeg Coffee Maker

    • Smeg Coffee Maker

      This 50s retro-style drip coffee maker, available in a variety of colors, features programmable capabilities for the perfect cup of joe and seamlessly blends with your overall kitchen décor.

      Cuisinart Wine Opener

    • Wine Opener

      Your kitchen would not be complete without a reliable wine opener for your guests to enjoy a relaxing beverage. Cheers to happy renting!

      You can also view the rest of our selections to ensure your kitchen has everything to accommodate your renters.

  • Outdoor Entertaining Favorites

    Stock your vacation rental with our outdoor entertaining favorites and get ready to host some happy guests.Accent Pillows

    • Accent Pillows

      Living outdoors exposes your furnishings and décor to the elements. Our outdoor pillow covers offer the perfect solution, featuring a variety of designs that are fade-resistant, water-repellent, and dirt-resistant.

      Hammock Chair

    • Hammock Chair

      Kick back and relax in this portable hammock chair. Crafted from a soft yet durable polyester and cotton blend, it ensures both comfort and longevity. Designed for easy installation, it includes safety features like anti-slip grooves and a stainless-steel chain.

    • Outdoor Patio Chair  Side Table

      Bring a pop of color to your outdoor space with these weatherproof outdoor pieces. With plenty of colors to choose from, their comfortable material and durable construction make outdoor entertaining a breeze.

      We’re always on the lookout for great outdoor items. Explore our other outdoor entertaining favorites, from garden accents to unbreakable dishes–when you live outdoors year-round, these items essential.

At Lagnappe Custom Interiors, we take great care in helping homeowners of vacation homes in the Virgin Islands remodel and redecorate for the maximum return on their investment. Part of that added value is providing resources that make our client’s lives easier in more ways than one. One way we’re providing ongoing support for our clients is with our new Lagnappe Custom Interiors Amazon storefront, featuring some of our must-have items mentioned above and so much more. More lists will be added soon!

Bypass that scramble feeling that comes with planning your vacation rental necessities. Our comprehensive checklist ensures your rental has absolutely everything your guests need for a comfortable stay. We’ve helped countless clients set up successful rentals, so you can trust that our recommendations are thoughtfully curated and cover all the bases, from essential supplies like dishes and linens to cleaning must-haves. Download your copy and be on your way to a successful renting season.

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