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Renovation Budget Guide – Renovation Project Planner & Tracker

Renovation Budget Guide – Renovation Project Planner & Tracker


Make remodeling or redecorating easy with the Home Renovation Workbook by Lagnappe Custom Interiors. Manage your budget, organize all your material and furniture selections, and track your shipments with this live workbook. We’ve built a Video Tutorial into the workbook as a guide so you can easily customize the workbook for your project and use it over and over again.


  • A multi-page, interactive workbook Lagnappe Custom Interiors uses with its customers
  • Workbook tabs for each room
  • Workbook tabs for the overall project
  • Budget recommendations for each space
  • Video tutorial showing you how to customize the workbook for your home


  1. Private Facebook Group to ask all your design questions to Tiffany Cassidy, principal designer of Lagnappe Custom Interiors.
  2. Monthly Q&A session to help you with any design challenge including but not limited to procurement, shipping, colors, furniture placement, accessories, and more.
  3. One complimentary 30-minute private phone call with a Lagnappe Custom Interiors team member to help you customize the Home Renovation Workbook for your use.



Take the guesswork out of your next remodel or renovation with the Home Renovation Workbook. This worksheet will help you plan your spaces, manage your budget and keep track of all the elements that will go into your home. Whether your project is your entire home or just a room, the Home Renovation Workbook will make the project stress-free and fun. This workbook can be used for a project anywhere, but our clients in the US Virgin Islands will appreciate the extra tips as it relates to shipping and customs.


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