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Reinventing in Paradise: The Before and After Story of Our Exquisite Rental Property

Part of the beauty we bring to our clients is realizing their home’s true potential in a blend of function and design. Not everything comes to us in the best condition. Quite often we find ourselves looking at places with amazing locations, great views, and A LOT of issues. We welcome opportunities like this because they allow us to problem-solve and create in one-of-a-kind circumstances that yield once-in-a-lifetime results. 


Welcome to a story of transformation, where an island property evolves into an extraordinary retreat. Nestled in the natural beauty of a larger estate, this executive rental has undergone a remarkable before-and-after journey. Acquired by our client with a vision for splendor and exclusivity, our dedicated team embarked on a multi-year endeavor to elevate the featured executive rental and multiple other apartments within the expansive property.


Every detail has been carefully curated, from rejuvenating interiors to reinforcing roofs and modernizing septic systems. Join us as we unveil this stunning home tour that has turned this island gem into a haven of style and comfort.


The Concepts & Objectives


In the heart of our barefoot refuge, this apartment stands as a testament to the extraordinary possibilities of a renovation. The property is positioned not just as a vacation rental but as a month-to-month furnished executive residence, extending this charming abode’s concept beyond the typical VRBO property. Our mission was clear: orchestrate a living space that pushes past the ordinary, appealing to a diverse range of guests, whether families seeking a temporary haven or single professionals pursuing refined accommodation in paradise.


The overarching vision for the project was to balance sophistication and practicality. Understanding the varied needs of potential tenants, our design approach focused on creating an upscale ambiance without compromising on the ease of maintenance and sticking to a reasonable budget. Every decor choice was a thoughtful consideration, ensuring that luxury coexisted harmoniously with the practical demands of daily island living.


The unique challenge lay in rejuvenating a space that had weathered years of neglect and minimal upkeep. A comprehensive refresh to breathe life into a worn environment is precisely what the rental called for. The transformation began with acknowledging the extensive work ahead regarding structural improvements and aesthetic enhancements.


The Solutions That Helped Shaped this Renovation


A change of scenery is an understatement in describing the unit’s upgrades, which is why we reconfigured the walls to restructure the spatial dynamics, opening the barriers between the kitchen and living room. This change had a monumental impact, instantly creating a sense of openness that elevated the entire atmosphere. The expanded kitchen with lots of storage is a rare find in a rental property.


Rental Property Living Room Design After Renovation


In addition to the structural changes, a thorough overhaul followed, including the entry points of the rental. Every door and window were replaced to not only enhance aesthetics but to protect the property from storms in the future.


We created a brand-new bathroom and kitchen, introducing modernity and effortless functionality to these essential spaces.


The very foundation of the property finally received the TLC it deserved, and the construction team carefully installed new flooring, lighting fixtures, plumbing systems, cabinetry, and furnishings to complement the island’s charm while embracing contemporary design sensibilities. 


As we unveil these stunning before-and-after photos, each detail is a powerful reminder of how the renovation has turned this island retreat into a luxury executive rental property. With nearly a year of consistent occupancy, the apartment is proof of a successful transformation thanks to our thoughtful selection of furnishings and materials, which ensure timeless beauty and practical durability, further solidifying its status as a captivating and enduring retreat.

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