Designer for a Day

You know you need to make some improvements, but you’re overwhelmed. What do you tackle first? Where do you start?

You pick a designer’s brain for a day! By the end of your day, you’ll have a clear plan with tons of actionable items to help you move ahead with your project. 

Our Designer for a Day service lets you consult with an expert designer for a day, either in person at your home in St. Thomas or remotely via Zoom, so you can get the professional advice you need to personalize, accessorize, and style your home.


When you book your day, we will send you a questionnaire to help you organize your thoughts and priorities for your day. We request that you return this to us at least 24 hours in advance.
Design Day, which runs from 9am – 3pm and includes a break for lunch, is an exciting time where we’ll tackle your list together.
We provide detailed notes from our day together for review and follow-up to get you going with your home improvement projects.

Not sure what to ask, exactly?
Here are a few questions we often get asked:

  • Can you help me select paint colors for my home and create an overall color scheme?

  • I’ve looked at a lot of online items and have design overload! Can you help narrow down my selections?

  • My home needs accessories to feel finished; where do I start?

  • I have loads of great accessories that hold deep sentimental value for me.  Can you help choose the best pieces for my home?

  • Where and how do I hang artwork to display it best?


Ready to stop drowning in paint chips and fabric swatches?

Designer For A Day gives you the strategy you need to move forward, sort of borrowing our brains for a day, so you can run with the ideas from there.

We can’t wait to help you make your Caribbean dream house a reality.