Plan Review Service

Build or Renovate with Confidence 

If you’ve not yet broken ground on your building or remodel project, now is the perfect time to fine-tune your plans.

Lagnappe Custom Interiors will turn a flat, confusing set of 2D plans or blueprints into a polished 3D digital model that will help you visualize your new home. Designers look at a home plan with a slightly different perspective than an architect and builder.

The fit and scale of windows, doors, hallways, and other elements in your plan.

How real-world furnishing items that you might own or want to own will work in the space.

Opportunities to beautify, is there a perfect opportunity for an accent wall somewhere?

Functional placement of many items such as windows and cabinetry.

We look for things such as:

  • Fit and scale
  • How real furnishings will work in the space
  • Opportunities to beautify, is there a perfect opportunity for an accent wall somewhere?
  • Functional window placement, if the sill is too low, you can’t put a dresser there?

4 Steps for the Plan Review

Initial Phone Call
Email Us Your Plans
Video or In-office Meeting
3-D Model and Plan Review Meeting

What’s included:

3D Model of Your Plans

Virtually walk your new spaces and ‘feel’ how the rooms flow, the roominess and the light.  This will be hosted online so you can manipulate the model and experience the space on your desktop or ipad.

Comprehensive Design Report

A comprehensive document that identifies all areas of concern and suggests places we feel can be improved to meet your goals with images of the current plan and our proposed changes.

Basic Furniture Layout

We will virtually furnish your home with to-scale pieces. This includes a list of the items we’ve placed in the rooms and their sizes to assist you in shopping.  Scale of furnishings is so important to the feel and flow of a room.


  • You’re confused by a set of 2D plans or blueprints.
  • You have a hard time envisioning how the plans will feel when built.
  • You’ve been working with a designer or architect and you are OK with the plans but not totally in love with the plans, yet.
  • You need help picturing yourself living in the finished home and how the rooms will flow and function for your family.
  • You value being thorough in the planning stage to avoid costly and time-consuming change orders.
  • You’re not sure where all of your furniture will go in the home, but you don’t want to hire an interior designer. 

Want to see what the final product looks like?

Take our sample rendering for a spin.

View Architectural review demo in Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer.


  • You don’t have a full set of building plans yet. We are not a builder or architecture firm and unfortunately cannot create these. 
  • You love your home plan but just need help with furniture placement. In that case, we recommend our full-service interior design
  • You want help selecting real items for your planned home. Our Master Plan is for you!
  • Your current designer or draftsperson isn’t open to collaborating with other professionals. We want to work jointly with them. 


Interested in learning more about the Plan Review?

We’ll send you our detailed Plan Review process which explains in a bit more detail what we do and what you can expect as well as all the deliverable such as:

  • 3D model
  • Furniture scale and placement plan
  • Comprehensive design report

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