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2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral

If ever there was a Pantone color of the year that just screams “Caribbean”, it’s 2019’s Living Coral. Aside from the fact that our beautiful islands actually have living coral, this punchy hue is a great pop of color in any room!

A coral sofa brightens up a room and makes a statement. Side note, coral and navy go great together!


A great coral lamp can light up a room – literally and figuratively! The base, the shade or both, can add a nice pop to a side table or foyer.

Coral artwork is a really beautiful (and non-permanent) way to bring a softness to your walls. The fan coral is a nice nod to the sea for coastal rooms.

Toss a coral pillow in a chair or on the sofa and it adds an instant cheeriness to the space

Coral bedding is both modern and feminine without looking too juvenile. It works great in Caribbean guest rooms as vacationers want to be enveloped in the vibrant colors of the islands.

An interesting lighting fixture can really draw the eye into the room. The combination of fretwork and the beautiful coral color make this one a stunner.

The bathroom is a great place to make coral the star. Even monochrome works in this space with the hexagonal tile bringing enough texture into the space to make it interesting.

If an all-coral bathroom seems overwhelming, an accent wall can still provide the drama without all of the commitment.

If you must do laundry, why not do it in a fun and cheery space?

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