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How to Make the Bed

7 Luxurious Techniques We Use to Make The Bed

Let’s talk about luxury bedding, not just the beauty aspect of it, but what really goes into a well-made bed. It’s all about layers and textures. I love luxury linens, and it’s items like these we like to incorporate when we design a special bedroom retreat for our clients. The biggest focus is what will bring a good night’s sleep, and how we can make everyone even more comfortable in their own homes or vacation rentals. What promotes a restful night’s sleep is both highly personal and universal all at once! In this article, we are taking a deeper dive into these factors to help you incorporate them in your own luxurious slumber escape.

Lagnappe Custom Interiors - Making the Bed


1. Find the Right Mattress


The Right Mattress
Start with the right foundation, a comfortable mattress. This selection is based highly on personal preference so if this is your own sanctuary, try to visit a store and test them out in person. To some, the perfect mattress is super soft, while others need one as firm as they can find.

If you are furnishing a home that will be rented, there are a few models that have a universal appeal. One you can always count on is the Westin Heavenly Bed. The Westin Hotel chain has put a lot of time and effort into identifying what makes their guests comfortable, so you can benefit from their research. In the Caribbean region, we include a cooling gel top layer in our mattresses. We know we have many visitors vacationing from other regions so this top layer can create comfort for every guest. Another addition you can include in your mattress is a mattress pad. If you already purchased a quality mattress, opt for thinner padding options with a soft top that is preferably waterproof. Look for the kind that don’t involve crinkly plastic, they’re out there!

Don’t forget to protect your mattress! If you will be renting your home, consider bedbug-proof mattress encasements. Nothing is worse than reviews about bed bugs!

2. Sheet Selections

Sheet Selections

Our top pick is bamboo fiber for so many reasons. Yes, they cost a little more, but they are worth every penny, and you’ll be able to feel the difference, not to mention, you don’t have to iron them! These sheets also contain natural anti-microbial properties that make them silky soft and breathable. Bamboo fiber is also naturally stain-resistant which means everything washes out! When selecting color, we like to choose white for our rental homes. This color choice helps create a clean and fresh feeling to the room. Guests really need that first impression of everything being spotless when they enter a space!

Another important thing to note is to tuck in those sheets! Doing this allows you to combine comfort and luxury into the bedroom with a clean polished look. This makes all the difference in presentation and instantly elevates the feel of the space to make the bedroom feel like a true vacation getaway.

3. Cozy Blankets

Cozy Blankets

I love a cotton woven blanket. There is just something about it, with its soft woven material and interesting texture. Lightweight fleece blankets are also a great option, because they are so soft and easy to wash. Many hotel chains have started using fleece blankets in their hospitality interiors so if you want to bring a little hotel lifestyle to your home or vacation rental, a lightweight fleece is the way to go.

4. Don’t Forget the Bedcovers

There are so many lovely options out there but again, for a rental home, we highly recommend products that are white and washable. We love a cotton matelassé bed cover with an organic texture. Talk about cozy!

5. Not All Pillows Are the Same


I like to place two sleeping pillows per person for each bed. For a king bed, there will be four king pillows, two will be firm, and the other two will be super soft. This way, there is something to make most people comfortable!

My favorite pillow arrangement is three Euro pillows and one long bolster. There are very few companies that sell the long bolsters in the size I prefer so we have these custom-made for our clients.


6. What is the Temperature?


Temperature Preference While Sleeping

Like your mattress preferences, the temperature you prefer to have when you sleep is also very personal. Temperature is important to everyone, but it means something different to everyone as well and can be impacted by different climates and what is being used in the bedroom. The combination of the sheets, a light blanket and a bedcover work well for anyone to be able to adjust their covers whether they are a warm sleeper or a cool sleeper. Allowing your guests the freedom to adjust their sleeping arrangements will keep them happy and comfortable.

Another piece of advice, I rarely use a duvet in Caribbean rental homes. These are usually too warm for most people to sleep under, and they are a lot of work for the housekeeping team. Just something to keep in mind.

7. Bring in Some Color

Color Bedding
Now we can add some color and personalize the bed to coordinate with the rest of the room. In a rental home, nobody wants TOO many pillows on the bed but a few big ones to use to sit up and read are a nice touch. They are also an easy way to bring color into the space and make the room feel more finished.

Another subtle way to add some color detail is by placing a throw blanket at the end of the bed. This throw blanket can be stylish yet functional. It can function as a color accent by highlighting other tones within the room, while also serving as an easy go to if you’re feeling a bit chilly. The key for utilizing this technique is to drape your throw blanket casually across the end of the bed for an effortless, chic look.

bed making

While making the bed may seem like a simple task, there are many components that go into creating a restful chamber for yourself and your guests. With these tips in mind, you’ll have the picture-perfect bedrooms you’ll look forward to at the end of a long day! The bed is a large part of what makes the style of a bedroom, so you want to ensure you’re reaching the full potential of your interiors with your very own luxurious bedding.

If you own a vacation rental, we hope you expect more bookings during the holiday season. We want to ensure you’re implementing the right techniques to attract visitors to your rental home and set you apart from the competition. Visit our website to download your copy of our eBook that shares the bedding strategies we’ve used for our rental properties as well as more products we recommend. You can purchase the eBook here to make decorating and designing your vacation rental property a success!

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