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7 Must-Have Accessories for Every Beach Home

While big elements of a design like layout, furniture and flooring certainly have a significant impact on interior design, accents can be the things that make a house feel like a home. And when you’re living that laid-back Caribbean lifestyle, it’s important that your home decor is both beautiful and practical. When decorating your dream island home, make sure you add these seven essential accessories and decor pieces.

1. Shoe Baskets

A home’s entryway is always one of the first places to get cluttered and dirty, and this is even more true for a beach house. I recommend placing a chic basket near your exterior doors to corral flip flops and sand. This basket from Crate&Barrel has a beautiful woven texture and is perfect for storing shoes or even beach towels.

2. A Beautiful Tray

Reasons to entertain guests are plentiful when you have beachfront property. That’s why I always add at least one beautiful tray to a client’s home when I decorate for them; it’s the perfect accessory for hosting friends and family. You could fill this gorgeous Annieglass table from Neiman Marcus with wine and cheese while entertaining, and when the party’s over put it back out to keep your coffee table organized. Make sure it’s dishwasher safe (as this one is) so clean-up is easy!

3. Rattan

Bring the beautiful beach landscape inside your home by adding some rattan details. This woven material is made from palm tree stems, so it’s incredibly durable and adds a rich texture to furniture and decor. Rattan will never go out of style at a beach home and is especially popular in recent years regardless of where you live. This glass Anthropologie serving bowl with a rattan wrapper will add lots of texture to your tablescapes and is sure to become an island classic. I love these mixed with the touch of gold on the tray above as well. It creates an eclectic vibe on the table overall.

4. A Conversation-Starter

Every room needs that one-of-a-kind item that starts up a conversation. These items can be tricky to find — they don’t exactly match, but somehow, they mingle tastefully with what’s already in the space. I love a funky bench or ottoman for that piece. Whether you place it at the foot of your bed or use it as dining room seating, it’s sure to add a fun vibe to your room.

5. A Chinese Lamp

Mixing traditional elements with modern decor is so chic, and nothing is more traditional than chinoiserie — Chinese-inspired decor items that first became popular in 17th century England. You can never go wrong with a blue and white porcelain lamp in the Chinese style. It’s a classic look in any home, and in the Caribbean gives a special nod to the vintage British Colonial style. 

6. Linen Sheets

Nothing says luxury like linen sheets, which get softer with each wash. I always get them in white because they can be easily cleaned and evoke a feeling of cleanliness. This set from Parachute will make you excited to go to bed each night.

7. Natural Wallpaper

Make a statement on one or two walls in your home by installing a textured wallpaper that brings nature indoors. I recommend choosing a vinyl wallpaper (Phillip Jeffries is one of my favorite brands) because it holds up better against the humidity of the tropics.

Here’s what a vinyl wallpaper accent wall looks like in a Lagnappe Custom Interiors client home — gorgeous!

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