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Island Christmas

A Remote Christmas Holiday

A St. Thomas Christmas
How do you and your family celebrate the holidays? Does everyone gather at a family member’s home to enjoy great company and great food? Or is it a time for an annual dining experience at your favorite local restaurant? What about a Christmas getaway kind of custom? Many families spend their Christmas holiday with a classic Christmas family vacation filled with luxury and tradition. This take on Christmas makes it one to remember every year with new adventures and joyous memories made in paradise. There are a few things to consider for your vacation home with an added island style for a magical experience during the most magical time of the year.

A Remote Christmas Holiday


Exotic holiday vacation spots can bring the festive yuletide, minus the snow. The culture, seasonality, and entertainment of your destination will make for a memorable adventure. With these vacation rental tips, your home will be the perfect place to “sleigh” the holidays.

1. Comforts of Home

Coming home for the holidays does not mean you have to go to your family’s permanent residence. Coming home for the holidays can also mean coming home to your family’s holiday island excursion. Spending the holidays in a home away from home still leaves a yearning for those little things in life that bring us comfort and cheer during this joyous season. Leaving plenty of room for holiday décor is one way to help make a holiday retreat extra special. Let those lights, tinsel, and holly fly! Ample amounts of kitchen space for families to gather in and make memories together to prepare all of their favorite decadent holiday delights is a sure way to make sure everyone’s spirits are bright. 


A Remote Island Christmas


2. One of a Kind Design

Unlike your typical hotel and resorts, vacation homes are much more personal and family-friendly. The amount of control you have over your vacation rental allows you to create a one-of-a-kind design for your guests to enjoy. Whether you are renting a beachfront or a villa that overlooks the island’s twinkling lights, your vacation rental will be the perfect home base for island visitors. Capitalizing on design elements that make St. Thomas a memorable and exotic experience is another way to make your guests’ accommodations unique. Gathering places that go beyond the living room, such as fire pits or outdoor seating areas that face the ocean’s grandness, offer memorable Christmas moments that you can only enjoy in a place like St. Thomas.


Island Christmas


3. Family Friendly

Not all vacation spots are the same. After a long year of COVID and many other hurdles, families will be planning on reconnecting to close out this year together. Family-friendly spaces will be environments for more intimate events but allow plenty of wiggle room for those larger families who have survived this year together. Open kitchens, sofa filled lounges, or roomy decks overlooking the beach are all ways you can prepare your home for plenty of space to play, dine, and celebrate. 

To pull off a St. Thomas Christmas holiday experience, give us a call. Our perspective and well-experienced team know island vacation rentals inside and out. We can weave the holidays’ magic with the prestige of island paradise, so the only question will be where you want to spend the holidays this year?

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