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Light and Bright Kitchen Design with Overhead Lighting and Stools for Entertaining

Achieving Kitchen Wellness in Your Home Q & A

As we all begin to find our stride in the new year, maybe you’ve set yourself up for success by outlining your New Year resolutions, or perhaps you’ve been on this journey of healthy lifestyle choices and are looking for more ways to prioritize well-being and vitality.

The kitchen can be a place for mindful cooking, nourishing rituals, and transformative habits to set the tone for a healthier, more vibrant you in 2024. Here are our predictions for achieving kitchen wellness in our Forbes-featured Q&A.

1. What do you see as the top wellness-enhancing appliance for this year?

The advances in cooking technology in recent years offer many ways to prepare foods quickly and utilize healthier cooking methods. From Steam ovens to induction cooktops to ovens with Air fry features, cooking healthy at home keeps getting easier. In 2024, I expect our clientele will request upgraded gourmet ranges with various built-in cooking options. Access to quick, easy, healthy cooking methods makes dining in more fun!

We design a lot of vacation rental homes here in the Virgin Islands. Induction is increasingly popular among our VRBO clients. The fact that the cooktops are easy to clean is a bonus; they are also safer as they reduce the possibility of burns and accidental fires, not to mention emissions from combustible fossil fuels.

Modern Appliances for an Island Inspired Kitchen

2. What do you see as the top wellness-enhancing fixture for 2024?

We are doing much more with layered lighting, and I expect that to continue into the new year. As the population ages, there is a concern for good lighting, but too much bright light in the room is simply too much. Using a variety of lighting in the kitchen allows us to provide all the lighting needed for the tasks at hand while adjusting the room to provide mood lighting for casual gatherings. Lighting can enhance and set the mood in a room and contribute to your overall well-being.

Kitchen with two tone walnut cabinets, a large kitchen island, quartz counter tops, a custom vent hood, blue and white tile back splash and a GE piza oven

3. What do you see as the next top wellness-enhancing “other” product, surface, or technology?

Creative storage options will continue to be a hot request. Keeping clutter at a minimum helps make a space more restful. Working in the kitchen becomes a pleasure when everything you need is organized and easily at hand. Piles of countertop clutter and disorganized stuff are stressful! We always lay out our client’s kitchens with zones for different functions in mind. Then, build the cabinets and specify the appropriate organizers for what’s happening in that zone.

For example, a client who loves juicing every morning needs a zone for this. We have the Juicer on a lift-up shelf in a base cabinet, which is placed near the fridge for easy access to fresh fruits and veggies; we also add a drawer with dividers to help organize all the supplements that go into the juices. Then, above the counter, there’s a cabinet that stores all the homeowners’ favorite to-go cups and glasses for the fresh juices. Easy-squeezy right?

Creative Storage Solutions with the Charm of the Caribbean

4. Will wellness products for kitchens increase or decrease in cost next year?

It seems unlikely that there will be a decrease in the consumer’s interest in ways to design personal wellness in their homes anytime soon. There was a shift in the collective thinking over the past couple of years. The pandemic experience gave all of us as a community and a nation a fresh perspective on the value of health and modern ways that our work-life balance can be restored.

As we place higher values on our time to connect with loved ones and care for ourselves both mentally and physically, we will continue to search out products that support those goals, and design professionals who can design for that more balanced lifestyle will continue to be in demand.

Sustainable Appliances for a Carefree Island Kitchen

Creating Sustainable, Carefree Environments

For the past 20 years, we have served the U.S. Virgin Islands and beyond as a full-service interior design firm focusing on island living. With the beauty of the natural world in our backyard, we significantly emphasize designing home environments that utilize easy care and comfortable, sustainable materials that are appropriate for our climate. We believe your home should not only reflect your personal style but also a sanctuary that promotes well-being.

Imagine a space that captivates with its island charm and nurtures your physical and mental health. Our mission is to create environments that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that every corner of your home contributes to a holistic sense of wellness.

From mindful material choices to thoughtful layout designs, we aspire to enhance your daily living experience. Whether introducing air-purifying plants, optimizing natural light, or incorporating ergonomic elements, we envision spaces that elevate health and harmony.

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