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Barefoot Luxury Art

Navigating Vendor Relationships

National Brand Represntatives


When you’re thinking of hiring an interior designer, what are some points you might consider? Is it their overall design style, fee structure, or something else? We’re proud to offer our readers this starter guide of things to consider and questions to ask when interviewing a potential interior designer. When our clients hire us, one of the many underlying benefits they may not realize they receive are the network of our longstanding relationships with our vendors. 

Whether our clients realize the pivotal role our vendors play in our world of design, there is no denying how much we truly value their dedication to us and our clients’ visions. Some are sales representatives we’ve had and brands we’ve worked with for over 20 years. Behind the scenes, these are the people who support our vision and help us bring beautiful rooms to life.



Our national brand representatives play a crucial role in our ongoing professional development. By providing continuous education, they ensure we are always equipped with the most current and comprehensive information about their diverse range of products and detailed specifications. This knowledge enables us to offer our clients the best possible solutions and advice, ensuring their satisfaction and confidence in our services.


In addition to their educational support, our brand reps are invaluable problem solvers. When challenges arise (as they always do), such as delays or complications in our operations, they step in to provide timely assistance. A skilled sales representative can expedite the processing of urgent orders, ensuring we meet our client’s deadlines or resolve issues related to shipping, such as finding quick remedies for items damaged in transit.

Moreover, our brand reps are instrumental in maintaining the latest and greatest in the showroom. They ensure the freshest finish samples are stocked, reflecting the up-to-date trends and high-quality materials available in the market. This not only helps us to stay ahead of the competition but also enables us to deliver top-notch results in our projects. Their support allows us to perform at our best, showcasing the newest options to inspire and delight our clients.



On the island, we also have our go-to local vendors who go above and beyond for us and our clients. From the art dealer who is always so willing to loan us pieces for our clients to try on in their homes to the wallpaper hanger who goes the extra mile to make sure every pattern detail is perfect, it’s these lasting relationships that make curating breathtaking living experiences for our clients even more enjoyable. Their knowledge and eagerness to help are irreplaceable, and always bring that little something extra to our projects.

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