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Behind the Scenes at the Gat Creek Photoshoot

This Fall, I had the opportunity to assist one of my favorite furniture vendors in styling a photo shoot for their 2023 catalog. It was an incredible experience! I’ve done many in-home photoshoots and have learned so much over the years about styling, camera angles, different perspectives, and more from the amazing Don Hebert, but this was my first in-studio experience. I always look forward to learning something new in this industry, so I went to High Point, North Carolina, at a time of year when there was no actual furniture market.

Our Favorite Things about our Favorite Brand

Gat Creek has been a favorite of ours for many years. Their quality is impressive, the pricing is excellent, and I love that it’s all made in the USA. I regularly rave about the product line to our clients. For years I’ve said just how perfect the line is for coastal and island environments. My top reasons?

  1. It’s all hardwood, all the way through. There are no veneer or hardwood drawer fronts with particle board drawer boxes. If it’s a walnut dresser, it is all the way. This helps the pieces to be a little more stable and long-lasting.
  2. I also love the finish. I have no idea what that finish is made of (and I’m sure they won’t give it away), but it’s just the right level of satin sheen and super durable. Someone leaves a drink on the nightstand, and it leaves a ring, don’t worry. Just let it dry out. It will be fine!
  3. Sustainably sourced materials mean a lot to us as well.

Making choices for our client’s lasting and environmentally friendly homes and creating jobs for fellow Americans feels like a win for everyone. I love these guys, and spending time to help them style products in a way that will showcase how we believe our coastal and island clients would love it is a fun design assignment!

What an Experience

The photo studio is set up in a big warehouse, offering various windows, walls, and flooring options that are all easy to change. If the window wall needed to be closer to the bed wall, no problem. That can be modified in a matter of minutes!

I helped create a few different room scenes. Then they were edited to be produced in the studio.


I was also able to add some of our signature accessories as well!

It was a fantastic experience to work with so many talented marketing professionals to showcase a favorite product line in our signature style. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for Gat Creek’s 2023 catalog to see the finished product.

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