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Beneath the Surface: Our Story and Mission

Who is Lagnappe Custom Interiors

In the picturesque embrace of the U.S. Virgin Islands, where blue skies merge with refreshing waters, a tropical realm exists where design dreams are woven into reality. For over two decades,
Lagnappe Custom Interiors has stood as the epitome of luxury interior design, a force of creativity, sophistication, and boundless elegance.

Lagnappe Custom Interiors has curated an enchanting journey through the world of design, serving as a trusted partner to high-end vacation rental owners, discerning homeowners, and visionary commercial developers. As longtime residents of these idyllic islands, Lagnappe has left an indelible mark as the leading resource and expert in opulent sustainable living, crafting spaces that breathe life into realized destinations.

Vacation Rental bedroom design with access to al fresco dining right outside your bedroom

A Journey of Distinction

Co-founders David and Tiffany Cassidy embarked on this remarkable journey with a commitment to excellence and a dedication to crafting beautiful island interiors. Over the years,
the firm has had the privilege of collaborating with individuals who seek more than just design; they seek an experience—an embodiment of their values infused with stories, emotions, and a
tranquil transformation.

Lagnappe’s client-focused approach ensures that every design solution is completely tailored and unique. Through a blend of technical evaluations, strategic planning, and creative expertise, they offer clients the opportunity to experience the true essence of residing beachside. Their range of services is constructed with intention and versatility to optimize and distinguish your investment while creating a beautifully sustainable seaside escape.

What sets Lagnappe Custom Interiors apart isn’t just their design expertise; it’s their deep connection to the island lifestyle. The small-town island feel is part of what they love about where they live and what they do. Their clients aren’t just clients; they become friends along the way.

Island views from a gorgeous pool deck patio

Living Life on Your Terms

Lagnappe Custom Interiors is in tune with the changing dynamics of work-life balance. In recent years, there’s been a national conversation about flexible work environments, self-care, and
minimalism. It all boils down to people, especially the newer generation entering the workforce, wanting to live life on their own terms—embracing time and financial freedom while prioritizing
things differently.

This resonates deeply with Lagnappe’s journey. Tiffany left the restrictions of corporate structure behind and sold everything to move to St. Thomas. The traditional 9-5 job and the usual expectations didn’t align with her vision of a fulfilled life. This place has allowed her to live life on her own terms and continues to serve as a catalyst for her creativity.

David and Tiffany’s love story began here in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where they found each other and shared a desire for a simpler, more authentic life. Their experience of downsizing and rebuilding based on authenticity informs every home they design.

Outdoor rain style shower head surrounded by the beauty of St. Thompas

Embracing Barefoot Luxury

Lagnappe Custom Interiors’ body of work is a testament to embracing life’s simple, elegant pleasures. They draw inspiration from marine materials, a nod to Tiffany’s boat life days, and
foster living with easy-care items that free you to spend more time enjoying life’s moments.

Their mission is clear: to help clients live a life that is simple, focused on nature, and nurtures their bodies and minds. Welcome to the world of Lagnappe Custom Interiors, where luxury meets simplicity, creativity meets authenticity, and your vision becomes an unforgettable reality.

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