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Exploring Your Options: 4 Different Ways To Work With Lagnappe Custom Interiors

In the world of interior design, there is a common misconception that hiring a designer is costly and restrictive in terms of choices. However, we firmly believe everyone deserves access to design services and the joy of creating beautiful spaces. That’s why Lagnappe offers a variety of solutions and services that are customizable to your unique needs, whether you require comprehensive support or just a little guidance along the way. We aim to make the design process accessible, helpful, and educational for everyone involved.

Caribbean Kitchen Design Lagnappe Interiors

We understand that you may need clarification about what design assistance entails and may have concerns about the associated costs and commitments. This blog will showcase our various services and demonstrate the advantages of enlisting a designer, regardless of your budget or specific design aspirations.

1. Luxury Interior Design

Our luxury, full-service design comes with extensive experience in handling logistics, project management, and design by sourcing unique finds and custom furnishings, bringing your dream vision to life while managing all the details. While full-service design is an excellent choice for those who desire comprehensive assistance, it may only be suitable for some due to its cost and level of involvement. We typically take on only 6-8 full-service projects annually to ensure we can provide each client with the utmost attention to detail and personalized care. However, we recognize that this option may only be feasible for some, so we offer alternative avenues for support.

Coastal Living Room Lagnappe Interiors

2. Two-Hour Strategy Sessions

For those seeking a quick and focused design consultation, we offer two-hour strategy sessions for individuals needing professional guidance and direction on purchasing decisions or other selections. During this time, we meet virtually and provide expert advice to help you feel confident and make informed decisions about your space while answering any questions and concerns. If you are local to the St. Thomas area, you can meet virtually or visit the shop and view our extensive sample library to choose material selections. Whether we meet via zoom or in person, you’d be surprised at how much we can accomplish in two hours. This option is perfect for those unsure about committing to a full-scale project or prefer a more hands-on approach.

3. Design Review

Our design review service is the foundation of all of our services and is one of our most valuable options for individuals seeking our expertise at a lower price point. Design Review offers a different perspective and a shorter timeline with a clear deliverable list. It focuses heavily on establishing a solid foundation for your project by spotting potential changes that would make the overall flow of your home more comfortable and functional before moving on to implementation. For example, suppose an individual works the night shift. In that case, I may move an air duct to help plan for window treatments that will help blackout the entire room, making it comfortable and improving the overall experience in the home. We’ll create a document outlining areas of concern, with a proposed plan and detailed 3D rendering of your space so you can see and play around with your home’s overall flow and fit, helping you avoid costly mistakes and ensuring a smoother design journey. Check out an example of our 3D rendering below!

Design Review and Plan Review Services with Lagnappe Custom Interiors

4. Master Plan

With our Master Plan service, we take charge of the service selections and meticulously craft the project book, complete with detailed drawings, tailored to our client’s needs and desires. What sets this service apart is that once we hand over the project book to the clients, they take on their project administration and purchasing. However, they don’t do it alone, as we provide abundant support to help them bring their vision to life. From guiding them with personalized recommendations to neatly packaging all the information on where to buy each element, complete with convenient click-through links, we ensure they embark on their design journey confidently and efficiently. With the Master Plan, our clients experience unparalleled personalization and assistance to make their dream space a reality.

Island Living Room in St Thomas Lagnappe Custom Interiors

At Lagnappe, we believe in providing accessible design services for individuals with varying budgets and needs. These services allow you to experience our expertise and support, tailored to your unique requirements and financial considerations. Whether you need comprehensive assistance or a nudge in the right direction, we are here to help you create the space of your dreams. Don’t let cost or commitment concerns hold you back from exploring the possibilities with an interior designer – take the first step today by booking a call.

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