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Can an Accent Wall Make Your Room Feel Larger?

When revamping an interior space, it’s very easy to get lost in the elements of design. What colors do you want to work with? What patterns and shapes will complement the selected furniture? While the possibilities may seem endless, there are certain elements you simply have no control over. Limited space can be, well, limiting when it comes to how much you can do with a space. It’s the rare client who comes to us with too much space asking for ways to make it seem smaller. Most people are looking for ways to open up a room and create the feeling of more space.

An accent wall, a familiar term in the design world, is a wall that differs in design from the rest of the walls present in the room. When used correctly, accent walls can enhance your interior design and create the illusion of a larger room. We are diving into the different techniques you can utilize when it comes to accent walls to get the most out of your interiors!

1. High Gloss Finishes

High gloss finishes only work well on a surface that is very smooth and uniform. The reflective nature of this finish will amplify any imperfections on your wall. This technique works great with bright colors, such as the turquoise in this image, as well as dark tones. The purpose of a high gloss finish is to elegantly open the space up by having the paint invite the light in and reflect it off the wall into the rest of your home. The reflective quality has an almost mirror-like effect in the room as well making even richly painted walls feel light and bright.

2. Metallic or Pearlescent Finishes

Like a high gloss finish, a metallic or pearlescent option is a great way to invite light in when applied onto a smooth surface. This accent wall solution is best executed in spaces that may be low on natural light because it grabs hold of any available illumination to create a glow, as opposed to a reflective feel. With the combination of smoothness and a warm glow, this accent creates an ambiance of elegance.

3. Wallpaper Murals

When selecting wallpaper murals, make sure to look for something that is printed on vinyl. Vinyl wall coverings are more durable, wipeable, and moisture resistant than paper. In Caribbean homes especially, we appreciate anything that is moisture resistant! Another factor to consider is the type of paste you select, but most will work well in an air-conditioned area. Wallpaper murals can ignite your imagination and are a great way to add a whimsical and spacious feel to a space. When done well, it feels like you can walk straight through the wall into another world.

4. Mirror Walls

Although mirror walls were highly trendy in the ’70s, the use of this design element has stood the test of time. Mirror walls can be used to create drama and are an interesting way to create the illusion of a larger space. Placing different mirrored shapes together to create a mural is a great way to creatively cover a wall and open up a space. Small bathrooms often benefit from a full wall of applied mirror glass. To keep this from looking dated we love to use antique mirror glass tile in a powder bath.

5. The 5th Wall

Don’t forget the fifth wall. Ceiling treatments are a great way to add some serious UMPH to a room.  Depending on your color choice you can create a cozy atmosphere or the illusion of taller ceilings with more space. This is also an opportunity to complement the other aspects of your design by mixing in details to match, bringing the whole design scheme together. In this image, notice how the gold celling reflects the brass detailing of the living room to tie the warm gold tones together. With this option, you can feel free to use a variety of colors without it being overpowering.

The type of wall treatment you choose can have a huge effect on the overall design and feel of the room. Accents walls are a wonderful opportunity to bring together elements featured in furnishings, and fabrics throughout the room. They also add just a little more detail, to help define style and yes, even make the room look larger.  Click here to watch our video on how different types of accent walls, can dramatically affect your interiors.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and will consider them for your next design project! If you or someone you know is considering an accent wall for their space, connect with us today. We would love to help elevate your interiors and bring a spacious and personal flair to your home.

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