If you’re considering hiring an interior designer after having your home built, you may want to consider hiring us from the start. Whether you have a new build or a full-home remodel, the plans are vital in starting your home design. The building plans are the first directive that your contractor will use to start building. Often times there are things that can be tweaked or changed that will add a lot to the experience of living in the home and before it’s built, it’s so much easier to change! The contractor’s job is to build the home according to plan, he’s not likely to suggest changes for personalized user experience; however, we will!

Plan Review Overview
You may ask, “what is a plan review, and why is it so important?” A plan review is when an interior designer works with the architect or builder before you break ground on your home. Not only does a designer make your home look beautiful with furnishings and décor, but we also help make your home functional and practical. Do you ever see houses with little room for a bedroom set or an awkward nook that isn’t usable? We can help fix that.

Master Bedroom Plan Review

What Do I Get with a Plan Review?
We begin by getting to you and understanding your lifestyle needs.  We aim to ensure that every square inch of your home serves a purpose and is tailored to the way you see yourself living in it. Our team comes in, speaks with the architect or building contractors, and reviews your blueprints and the overall space plan for the home. We consider each room and the furnishings you want to include. We pay attention to small details, such as the amount of space the architect gave for a fridge or where the windows lie. Our expert advice and reports are practical and bring functionality to every aspect of your home’s design.

plan review document

Why Would I Want to Pay for That, Especially When I already have an Architect?
As interior designers, we’re all about the details, and it never hurts to have a second eye to review the plans for the home. An architect’s job is to design the structure to be sound and stable for years to come. They definitely take your ideas into account and customize them to your liking, but things have the potential to be missed when you only have one person working on the entire space. For your benefit, it’s best to bring in a professional that pays attention to the minor elements.

We can help you bring your space to the next level without increasing overall construction costs. When we can assist from the beginning, it will save you more time and money in the long run. We also love the opportunity to begin working with our clients at the start of the process, even before the actual construction begins. A plan review is a great way to get professional help that will set you up for success later in the project.  Let us help guide your next project from start to finish.

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