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Gallery Wall DIY 101: Make A Statement (Not A Mess)

Clients often want help choosing artwork for their homes. From large pieces to family heirlooms, designing the walls of a home can be daunting. Gallery walls have become more and more popular in the last few years, and can be more affordable than trying to purchase very large pieces or more expensive works. Here are five tips for creating a top-notch gallery wall in your own home!

Art on your Gallery Wall

The word “gallery” implies a collection, so pull together your favorite pieces and see how they work together.  You can easily go with framed artwork and photographs and easily create an interesting gallery. But what about clocks? A favorite mirror? Different pieces make a gallery wall unique. Choose items that mean something to you and the personal touch will make sure your gallery wall doesn’t become too clinical (or over-the-top!).

Color for your Gallery Wall

In general, choosing a central theme can help create a cohesive gallery look. If your favorite painting is full of warm reds and oranges, using those hues to tie in other pieces will allow the gallery to make sense. Another way to use color to tie everything together would be to use the same color of framing for each piece. Then you’d have a little more wiggle room with the colors of the actual photo or art piece.

Placement for your Gallery Wall

There are a number of ways to frame up (no pun intended) your gallery wall. Here are three different ideas:

  • Start with the largest piece first. Place it in the center of the space and then situate the different pieces of the collection around it.
  • Place the bottom row 6 inches above the sofa or table. Allow the gallery to grow up from there.
  • Make a level line from the top. By placing the tops of the frames in one line, it creates a “cascade” effect with the rest of the gallery.

Whichever way you determine is best for your space, it’s always good to draw it out on paper or test it first. Place the items on the floor in different arrangements to see which feels right. Once you have a gallery you like, trace the different pieces onto paper and tape them up on the wall to better determine height, spacing and to make any other edits before you begin nailing into the wall.

Balancing a Gallery Wall

Make sure your gallery is balanced. That doesn’t mean you must have an even number of items (even though you could). If you’re going for a simple, clean look, use a consistent frame and make each piece the same size. Hang the pieces the same distance from one another, for example a square created from nine photos, or two rows of 4 pieces of framed art. If you have an eclectic collection, three-dimensional pieces like clocks and plates can break up odd numbers of rectangular framed art or canvas.

Focal Points for your Gallery Wall

In addition to breaking up the sharp-edged squares and rectangles with three-dimensional pieces, add interest with other unique items. Incorporate a light fixture into your gallery to really draw the eye up. Or choose a wall-mounted planter to bring some natural greenery into a space. A shadow box can display a smaller collection and add dimension to the wall.

Want help creating a gallery as unique as you are? Give us a call today and we can help you design your perfect space.

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