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St. John

Getaway Destinations

We have shared our expertise when it comes to preparing your vacation rental with our Vacation Rental Checklists and how-to guides on How To Decorate and Design Your Vacation Rental Property. We also want to take the opportunity to share some of what’s special about a visit to the Virgin Islands.  So many people ask us where we go for vacation when we live in a vacation destination and many times the answer is to other islands!

Get Away Destinations

Have you put any thought into planning your next trip for the summer? It can sometimes feel like a daunting task between all the options that are right at our fingertips. With various travel sites along with Airbnb, and VRBO, where you want to stay during your visit can be overwhelming. We hope our ideas help you narrow down your search, and while we are partial to the U.S. Virgin Islands, there are countless getaway destinations in this unique pocket of the world.  

Various islands and cays make up the Virgin Islands, and each one represents its own unique charm and personality. The Caribbean is home to pristine hideaways known for their views, architecture, art, cuisines, underwater adventures, and of course beaches.

St. Thomas

1. St. Thomas

St. Thomas is not only our home but a beautiful getaway destination full of lush rolling green hills and spacious beaches. If you’re looking forward to a day at the beach, you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the VI from the beach, a kayak, an eco-tour, or from the deck of one of our many day sail charters.

For those looking for a combination of land and sea during their stay, Coral World Ocean Park on Coki Beach hosts exhibits on marine life and their conservation efforts to preserve the creatures that live here and their underwater homes. Coki beach is also a wonderful place to learn to scuba dive. My daughter earned her certification at their dive center that is a great resource to learn and explore.

Buck Island is home to a pristine national park, known for its nature trails and underwater passages that make for exciting aquatic excursions.

Magen’s Bay is rated one of the Caribbean’s best beaches with its sugar sands and beach winds that congregate on a crescent-shaped bay decorated with vegetation and a vibrant landscape. Here, you can ease along the shoreline, taking in the island in all of its natural beauty.  And our favorite place for Sunday morning beach walks, My husband and I never miss a week!

As some of you may have read from our previous blog, What Makes Caribbean Architecture, the history of St. Thomas plays a considerable role in its architecture. St. Thomas’s capital, Charlotte-Amalie, holds 17th-century colonial relics alongside the island’s natural charm and modernity. You can also find waterfront restaurants with breathtaking views or lively beach bars to soak up the local fair. Don’t forget to visit the 99 steps for stunning panoramic views of our beautiful city or a historic tour from the St. Thomas Historic Society. 

Is St. Thomas starting to sound like your getaway of choice? You can book your stay at the Eternity Villa on Magens Bay, St. Thomas, here. One of our projects!

St. John

2. St. John

St. John exudes a casual atmosphere and is the perfect place to unplug and reset. It is also one of the smallest of the main U.S. Virgin Islands and is the backdrop to dozens of beaches, cays, and trails. The island is ¾ national park! This island is perfect for nature lovers with its rugged landscapes, including a four-mile reef bay trail or snorkeling ventures at Honeymoon Beach. Trunk Bay is another local treasure here that has an underwater kingdom of a nature trail. That’s right, a nature trail that is completely underwater!

The most popular destinations on St. John are Cruz Bay and Coral Bay. Like the islands themselves, each bay provides a different atmosphere for its residents and its visitors. Cruz Bay is more upbeat and livelier, while Coral Bay is more laid back and peaceful. There is something for everyone. You can start your day in Cruz Bay with some energizing entertainment and wind down for the evening in the peace and quiet of Coral Bay. 

You will never run out of outdoor plans during your stay on St. John. Half of the island is dedicated to conservation and is zoned as a national park. This ecosystem is a haven for all island life on land and sea. A frequent destination being Hurricane Hole of the Mangrove Forrest off the coast of Coral Bay. This is another protected area to maintain the awe and natural wonders of the mangroves that are at home on St. John.

St. Croix

3. St. Croix

St. Croix is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands and is a popular location for snorkelers and divers. They all come to see the only underwater national monument in the U.S., Buck Island Reef National Park. This 200-acre aquatic oasis is a colorful ecosystem dedicated to numerous species of fish, coral, and other marine life. 

Other parts of St. Croix offer chances to witness more undersea events, like the island’s north shore. Here you can find turtles, eels, starfish, and more. A quarter-mile from there are steep underwater cliffs that extend thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface. Now, that is something you don’t see every day. This is a major draw for diving enthusiasts!

Another must-see on St. Croix is the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge. Their efforts focus on protecting endangered species of leatherback turtles. They secure the beach to welcome the turtles and allow them a safe place to nest. The nesting grounds are watched and safeguarded from April to September. Apart from this event, this part of the island remains untouched and undeveloped by humans during the rest of the year, making it the purest and authentic St. Croix experience. 

History enthusiasts will have plenty to explore if you pay a visit to the island’s west side. Here you’ll find Fort Frederiksted, a mid-eighteenth-century Danish masonry fort.

Visitors can also enjoy local art and culture at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts. The museum is an extension of the local talent from all of the islands across the Caribbean and brings them all in one place for everyone to enjoy.

There you have it, the Lagnappe Custom Interiors travel guide. These are just some of our favorite places in the USVI. Whether you are looking for a beach vacation, a mountain retreat, or even a staycation, make your getaway destination something to remember for years to come. Share your favorite places with us! We would love to hear where you’ve stayed and the memories you’ve made.

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  1. What a great rundown of this beautiful place! So nice to see how to enjoy a stay there. Now that travel is back, I’ll bet you’ll have lots of island visitors!

  2. What a beautiful place! You’ve inspired me to add to my must visit vacation spots list!

  3. Oh this SO makes me want to come to St. Thomas – Magen’s Bay is still the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen and I’d LOVE to go back someday!

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