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HGTV Experience and Finding Comfort on Camera

Has your television intake increased over the past couple of months? It seems like almost every big event is being televised or streamed these days. This way everyone is able to still enjoy their experience while staying safe. For some, being in front of the camera can be a little nerve-wracking. What if you were approached by a big name in the industry and you have to act natural in a social setting that is completely foreign to you? With advancements in technology and the current climate of our world, it wouldn’t hurt to start practicing those on-camera techniques. This will help prepare you when the time comes to put yourself in the spotlight.

My biggest experiences so far in my career have been video shoots with HGTV in the T.V. series Beachfront Bargain Hunt. I was lucky enough to be able to work with them on two occasions and I learned different techniques from both experiences. For this blog, we made it more of an interview-style to help in an interview typesetting. These Q & A’s are about my experience with HGTV and how that has prepared me for any camera-ready moments that may lie ahead.


Q: What was it like working with HGTV?
A: The interesting thing about working with HGTV is that we found out that they have a bunch of different professional companies that they hire out to execute the filming. The crews we had the pleasure of working with were lovely. The director was friendly and explained the entire process to us. When the time came to shoot the second show it was really fun because we were able to work with the same camera crew. It was almost like seeing an old friend again. In both instances, we were able to connect thanks to a local real estate agent, Seaglass Properties. We later found out, that was how HGTV sourced their candidates for the television series.

Q: Did anything unexpected come up while filming?
A: The first run we did was about our family’s home which made things a little dicier in the process of the remodel. We were already undergoing the transformation and the shipment for the kitchen materials was held by customs. This put a minor snag in our timeline. We had to make sure to communicate that part of the remodel would be delayed. Sometimes when you ship things to St. Thomas it can be held by the government office so they can inspect your goods which can take up to 30 days.

Q: Were you ever nervous or unsure about what the crew was filming?
A: I was never really nervous because they were so good with us. I, of course, got a little nervous in front of the camera. Sometimes I would have to be reminded not to look directly at the camera when we were done shooting a scene.

Q: What did you gain through the experience?
A: It was fun to share our home and the whole process that it took to get it to where it is now. We thought it would also be beneficial for our daughter to see what reality television is all about. This experience brought some great attention to the island and the interior design industry and how it can be affordable to live here.

Q: Was the result of the work you did with them what you expected?
A: Both experiences were pretty much what we expected. The crew did a very nice job of showing us how we really were. The only difference was we were with them all day every day for 5 days and the result was for 20 minutes of footage. When it came to the second run we shot with Rex, the touring part had to be staged in order to give the whole story. Rex had already purchased the home he wanted to be remodeled. That episode was also originally filmed in the summer of 2017 right before the hurricanes. Unfortunately, after the hurricanes hit HGTV had to pull that episode because the location had been destroyed. It ultimately aired more than a year after it was filmed.

Q: Did you have a different mindset about anything your second time working with HGTV?
A: The second run with HGTV was a little different mainly because it wasn’t about my family’s house anymore. It was more about my expertise and my work with my client which took a lot of the pressure off me. It was exciting to see the rendering I did for the project as part of the finished show that aired!

Q: If the opportunity to work with HGTV came up again what would you do differently?
A: It was a very good experience overall. I would hope that from my experience with them that I would be a little easier for them to work with. Of course, I would not look directly at the camera!

Q: What advice would you have for someone who has not had that experience especially for those who are finding out they need to be comfortable in front of a camera in our more virtual world?
A: It really just takes practice. The more you dedicate yourself to doing the IGTV and any other form of streaming will help you be more yourself in whatever the setting is. If it is a bigger production, know that the crew is there to help you and cast you in the best light. If the opportunity is bringing exposure to you and your business it will definitely help you grow in more ways than one.

Practice Makes Perfect

Below you can find the two episodes I was featured in. Remember, practice makes perfect. Any experience with a television broadcasting station or your DIY video shoot with your phone for an IGTV snippet will help you in more ways than you think.

Season 3 Episode 8
Season 19 Episode 1

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