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How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

While it may seem small, details matter in a kitchen and there is no more prominent detail than cabinet hardware. This detail can be super overwhelming as there are SO many choices. Here are four things to consider when choosing hardware for your kitchen:

Consider Cabinet Style

Are your cabinets modern or traditional? Do they have straight lines or curvy details? These questions can help guide you toward an appropriate hardware choice. A modern tubular drawer pull would look strange on an opulent wooden door. And an intricately-detailed knob may not fit on a cabinet with clean lines.

Mind Your Kitchen Cabinet Metals

This may be the simplest way to narrow your cabinet hardware choices. What color is your kitchen faucet? At the very least, matching your faucet and hardware is a simple way to make everything in the kitchen look cohesive. Some people will also match their appliances to hardware, but this is becoming less necessary. We’ve seen plenty of kitchens with brass hardware and stainless appliances. But if you need a simple way to begin your search, start here.

If your kitchen faucet is satin nickel and has some curved details, you can work on finding cabinet knobs or drawer pulls that mimic that style. If the brass faucet is more sleek and modern,  choosing a smooth, simple cabinet hardware style can work well.

Make your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Functional

YOU are the one using the kitchen, so don’t choose a knob or handle simply because it’s trendy or the “it” style of now. Be mindful of how you actually move around your kitchen and use your cabinets. Which ones do you open most regularly? Are they easy to open or do you wish there was a simpler way to get to your most-used items. Go around your kitchen and pay attention to HOW you open your cabinets and drawers. This fact-finding mission about how your kitchen functions can also give you some clues as to what hardware would be most useful in your space.

Mix it Up your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

As much as we want a kitchen to look like it goes together, being “matchy-matchy” isn’t totally necessary. Don’t be afraid to mix up your hardware a little, as long as everything lives within the same design “family”. As mentioned above, we’ve seen plenty of kitchens with stainless appliances and different cabinet hardware, so choosing knobs and pulls that you love is more important than choosing something that goes perfectly together. You may like knobs on your upper cabinets, but prefer bars or longer pulls on your lower ones. There are plenty of novelty knobs and glass pulls that can further create a custom look in your kitchen. Whichever way you go, make sure YOU love it!

Have questions about choosing hardware or want a designer’s help in picking the right look? Contact us today to start your project:

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