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How to Design an Instagrammable Vacation Rental

Stunning vacation rentals with striking interiors capture the eyes of the those who enter them, and now, the hearts and imaginations of those who see images posted on social media.

What makes a space ‘social media worthy’, and especially on the number one picture sharing app, Instagram, is the unique features, breathtaking surroundings, and remarkable decor. 

“An Instagram-worthy space is definitely one aspect of how great design can add value to a vacation rental property. When people rent your condo, love it, and post a photo to social media, it becomes an outlet for exposure to their friends, who could be potential clients for repeat business,” Tiffany Cassidy of Lagnappe.

How can you you make your rental home selfie-worthy? We’ve outlined a few of our top tips below.

1. Focal Point

The focal point of the room should provide some “Wow Factor”. It may be the incredible view that has been framed by the interior surroundings, or a furnishing piece with iconic style  that starts a conversation every time.  Regardless of what the item is, it’s the one thing in the room that when your guests enter, they notice it right away, and always make a comment.  When deciding what the focal point of your room should be to get more social media attention, think like a photographer and ask yourself, “How would I want to be photographed in this space?” Your entranceway is a perfect spot for a focal point, as it is likely the first area a guest sees, and their first impression when welcomed to your home.

Small kitchens in homes are no different. Keep functionality at the forefront, but add touches of your personality in with things like unique backsplash tile or easy-to-clean flooring that has more personality with a funky pattern.

2. Views, Lighting and Furniture Placement

Most vacation homes in the Virgin Islands are situated in a location which boasts incredible vistas. When designing the interior of a room, consider the layout so that the furnishings and backdrop can all be incorporated in one, Insta-worthy shot. It is also important to acknowledge lighting when planning a space, so that both the decor and people in the photos look their best. Nothing misses the point more than a home with a fabulous view where all the seating has been arranged to face a TV, and not the scenery your guest have traveled so far to see.

3. Unique Decor

Lighting is a really important way that interior designers work to change the way a room looks and feels. Good lighting can make all the difference, and bad lighting can really make a space feel smaller.

It’s good to think outside the box when it comes to Caribbean vacation rentals. Vacationers want to escape the plain and typical surroundings of home, so when they stay in a place which is anything but ordinary, they will want to share the experience. 

This is a great opportunity for the homeowner to “try on” a style they would not usually go for in their 12-months-a-year home. Is there a look you’ve always admired, or a color you want to use but fear it’s a little too bold? Now’s your chance, go for it and use that to create something unique with a sense of fun.  A turquoise chandelier in an entrance way welcomes the guests, and give them the sensation that the home owners want to offer a memorable vacation. Furnishings such as funky daybeds or hanging swings are places for guests to share a picture of them relaxing in style.  One of a kind items with a story to tell are always a good choice.

4. Colour Choice

When decorating a Caribbean rental property, often clients want to make every wall a different “Caribbean color”. Instead, consider choosing light or natural tones for the walls and flooring, to keep the space feeling open and fresh; use the bright colors in smaller doses. Instead of including an overwhelming amount of colour in the painting stage, consider decorating with vibrant artwork, such as a large photo of a bay and sunset, which will act like an accent wall.  Brightly colored rugs, throw pillows, and other accessories are easy items to change over time, so you can provide something new to look at every year.  If repeat guests are the goal, you’ll want to surprise them and let them know you are working to keep the place fresh and different.

5. Outdoor Lounging and Poolside Patios

Those who vacation to the sunny Caribbean enjoy the year round warm climate and the opportunity for outdoor living, therefore you’ll want to create an amazing outdoor living space for your guests, and yourself. Think of this as the place to enjoy the sunshine, entertain, or simply relax with a good book. Luxury rental properties usually include a pool, which is not just for swimming, but the centre of a‘room’ where you can add a bar, lounging area, and even an outdoor kitchen. Guests loving eating ‘al fresco’.

The design team at Lagnappe have experience sourcing materials, furnishings, and services for the luxury Caribbean market. Design your dream home for your tropical escapes, and share it with vacationers seeking the ultimate rental property

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About Lagnappe Custom Interiors

Lagnappe Custom Interiors is a full-service interior design firm, specializing in bringing the small niceties to a home or commercial space that make it memorable, functional and yours. Based out of St. Thomas, Lagnappe [LAN-YAP] is led by Tiffany Cassidy who enjoys working with clients to create a home that reflects their style and needs. Tiffany marries her artistic and scientific sides together to bring the residents of the Virgin Islands and continental U.S. an interior decorating service that manages the complex and turns it into beauty. Her goal is to not only make a home prettier, but in doing so, make your life better. Visit for more information.

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