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HPMKT Vacation Rental Design Summit Highlight

After spending five days at Highpoint, I feel invigorated with fresh ideas. This trip was longer than my typical three-day stay, allowing me to connect and explore even more. During the first two days, I attended the Vacation Rental Design Summit, where I spoke on two panels. The summit was created in response to the exponential growth in the rental industry and the opportunities for designers to be part of it. The event is the first of its kind and is catered towards designers and trade professionals looking to tap into new offerings and growth opportunities in the short-term rental industry.

Being part of the summit was such an awarding experience, and I loved sharing my knowledge with other designers interested in this niche. Not to mention, I was thrilled to have a brief encounter with Barclay Butera. During the summit, I spoke on two panels focusing on the structure and development of my business in this specific niche and the other discussing the distinctions between luxury private homes and luxury vacation rental homes. Preparing for these panels allowed me to reflect on these topics and how they relate to vacation rental owners.

Here are some key takeaways from the first panel where we truly defined the word “luxury” for you, our clients, and how we help create a truly authentic luxury rental experience for your guests.

Costal island bedroom with water views

1. Giving you more time in your day is the ultimate luxury we love being able to provide. As a business professional, we understand you travel frequently and seek downtime on the islands to recharge and unwind. Our process is designed to be efficient and convenient for you, with manageable tasks and minimal meetings. Giving you the flexibility you need to be a successful vacation rental owner.

Lagnappe custom interiors vacation rental bedroom

2. Some of our favorite ways to add luxury to your space is by ensuring everyone can be comfortable and get a great night’s sleep. This includes luxury bedding, making the bed in adjustable layers, individual climate control in each room, a selection of sleeping pillows, and of course, blackout drapery! The more customizations and control your guests have, the better vacation experience they can enjoy. We love incorporating the little touches that will make everyone feel very well cared for.

For the second panel, the focus was on the structure and development of my business in the vacation rental space and the differences between designing for residential and short-term rental projects.

Vacation rental home lagnappe interiors

1. We love offering various services to meet you where you are and to work alongside you through the design process to achieve your vacation destination goals while making the experience seamless and enjoyable.

2. We understand that with a rental home, we’re not just designing to your personal expectations but your rental agent’s as well. There are factors that both sides strongly consider, and ensuring that everyone is on board with the effort that needs to be made will provide the ultimate benefit to all involved. At the end of the day, when designing rentals, it’s all about ease of use and safety.

Vacation rental kitchen island

Our firm has the advantage of operating in a location that has long been saturated with short-term rental homes and condos, even before the start of rental platforms like VRBO and Airbnb. This firsthand experience with the beginning and end of a rental season and the growing need for simplicity, durability, and an attractive appearance to offer luxury to new and returning visitors is what inspires us to seek out interior design solutions and brands that are innovating their products to serve vacation rental owners.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the highlights from our panels at the Vacation Rental Design Summit. Writing to you now via the islands brings everything full circle and shows why we do what we do when it comes to sourcing solutions and bringing value and luxury to your investment while enriching you and your guests’ lives.

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