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Great Design Is In The Details – Elevate Your Guest Experience With Great Planning

The great Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” I really could not agree more. I would go a little further to say that you cannot get the details right unless you plan them from the start of your project. The details are baked into the design, from intricate attributes and how an item is embellished to the strategic purchasing and placement of furnishings.

This shower has a custom turquoise tile detail and a custom shelf niche Lagnappe Custom Interiors

Your home is meant to support your personality and lifestyle. So many people begin the design process by looking for inspiration on current trends and individual items they like on Pinterest. Our approach is designed to reverse engineer for the result you want. You envision yourself living in the home a certain way. You can see your lifestyle, the entertaining, the parties, etc. Maybe it’s a vacation property? You know how you would want your guest to feel staying there. Let’s start with that and then look at the items, color trends, and other variables that best support that vision. Always start with the big picture. You, our lovely clients, have excellent vision. We are here to help you break that down into the details of how it becomes a reality.

1. The Significance of Functionality and Durability in Your Vacation Home

As designers, we make sure your home is not only beautiful but also functional. If you rent your home on Airbnb or other rental sites, you want to consider things like durability and ease of cleaning. Some high-traction items to keep in mind are furnishings, like sofas and beds, and anything with heavy foot traffic, such as rugs and flooring. We have some go-to items that help make turnover days much more seamless!

  • Utilize outdoor fabric for everything you can, even indoor furnishings. Outdoor materials and fabrics are highly durable, withstand heavy use, and are more stain-resistant than typical indoor fabrics.
  • Purchase slipcover seating, and buy multiple slipcovers! Slipcovers are easy to remove, wash, and put back on, and with various colors and styles, they are a great way to keep your space looking fresh and updated.
  • Buy polypropylene rugs. Yes, they can be nice and soft! Like outdoor furnishings, these rugs are low-maintenance, durable, and stain-resistant, perfect for heavy foot traffic.

We’ve compiled our best tips and resources in our book, “Decorating and Designing Your Vacation Rental – Your Shortcut to Success on Airbnb and VRBO.” This guide makes setting up your home much more straightforward, with “where to buy” links and tips for long-term management and success.

Tiffany Cassidy Interior Design, agnappe interiors, St. Thomas interior design, vacation villa interiors, vacation home guest bedroom, Calypso Delight Villa, VRBO vaction home

2. Streamlining Operations For Your Vacation Rental

This past weekend, I was enjoying time at the pool when I overheard a conversation between two women who had flown down to set up a condo they just bought. They were planning to list it on VRBO. They went on and on about how much work it’s been, how many trips to Home Depot and Kmart they’ve made, and how they couldn’t find everything they needed locally. I know they can’t be the only homeowners struggling with this exact problem.

Aside from our guide on decorating and designing, we also provide a free checklist to help eliminate all those trips back and forth to home improvement stores. This list can also be used as an inventory list for all the items you place in the house, so your property manager can easily manage the replacements. Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb with a large group and found that while the house sleeps eight people, they have only four plates and two wine glasses? Sure, I can drink wine from a coffee mug, but at a certain price per night, I don’t expect to, and neither do your guests. Think about it – guests have a great overall experience when they have everything they need at hand. Be thoughtful when setting up the kitchen and other overlooked areas of the home.

Rental Property Checklist from Lagnappe Custom Interiors - Tiffany Cassidy

Download our free list, and use this blog as a resource for your new or existing property. We’re here to help guide you or even handle it all for you if you wish. Then, you can spend your summer days maximizing relaxation and pool time without worrying about your vacation rental!

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