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Bath Lighting

Making the Most of Your Bath Lighting

The bathroom is an essential part of everyday life, and often where the day starts and ends. Whether a full or half-bath, working with your space to find a lighting combination that works for your routine can be a game-changer.

Bathroom lighting is dynamic and multi-purpose; different areas require different levels of light depending on their role in your home.

Bathroom lighting generally falls into two categories: ambient and task lighting. Accent lighting can be added but is not always necessary.

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the overall lighting level in your bathroom. We often use recessed lighting to create a bright atmosphere in the room. I am often accused of over lighting spaces, but dimmer switches exist for a reason! Having the ability to adjust lighting settings to personal preference is not only handy but can be a nice touch if you have a rental home. Your guest may need a brighter space, and they’ll certainly appreciate the accommodation.

I am often seen in restaurants using my phone flashlight to read the menu…sooner or later, in life, we all need a little more light to see!

My go-to for recessed lighting are these ultra-slim LEDs. Their low voltage means they are safe to use in a damp environment, without sacrificing brightness.


2. Task Lighting

Task lighting refers to lighting with a specific purpose. One of the most important aspects of task lighting is vanity lighting. The key here is to cast bright, even light to use while brushing your teeth, applying makeup, shaving, and other grooming activities. It’s important to avoid creating shadows that could complicate simple parts of your routine.

When using sconces in your vanity space, be sure to place them evenly on both sides of your mirror. One in the middle will cast dark shadows on the sides of your nose. I’ve included a diagram showing correct sconce placements below!


To maximize task lighting around your vanity, you can go the extra mile and install a lighted magnifying mirror. These are especially helpful for contact wearers, applying makeup, or just getting a closer look at your face. There are a variety of options on the market, and the one we’ve linked below is available as hardwired or rechargeable. The battery-powered option is simple and easy to install without renovation!

3. Light Color

Let’s talk about the color of the light. Yes, lighting has color, and it can make a huge difference for your space!  Clothing stores have been carefully selecting their dressing room lighting for years. The color of the light can really influence how customers match clothing options and even how the clothes seem to fit in the mirror. Basically, good lighting can make you feel good in that new outfit!

Light color is referred to as “color temperature” and is measured in degrees Kelvin. We love LED lighting bulbs and fixtures (and so will your electric bill!). When choosing an LED, take a look at the color temperature description before making a decision. “Daylight” may seem like a good choice, but I’ve found that its hue is generally too bright and blue for a bathroom.

I like to look for fixtures with a color temperature of about 3500K for bath vanity lighting.  Anything over 4000 is just too bright and blue in my opinion; I like to save that for the task lighting. I’ve included a scale to show the range of color temperatures in degrees Kelvin below!

color temperature


The lighting of your interiors plays a significant role in how a space makes you feel and how you interact within it. If something feels off or if you notice that you have to pull out your phone for that extra bit of light, it’s time to consider your lighting options and how they can be enhanced.

With our years of experience, we can help you optimize the lighting for your home or vacation rental with ease and luxury in mind.

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