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Multipurpose Furniture is Helpful, Valuable and Functional

If your living room doubles as a play area, dining room, party center or anything else, then you know how valuable it is to have versatile furniture. The good news is multifunctional areas don’t have to feel clunky, stiff or awkward when you know what to buy. Here are 4 must-have items for your ever-changing living room.

4 Multipurpose Furniture Must-Haves

  1. Coffee Table with a Lot of Storage

    Use a large area rug under furniture to create different room functions.

A glass coffee table may look très chic, but ones with drawers and compartments will help keep your room looking tidy while having everything you need on hand. This Rustic Storage Coffee Table can store magazines and anything else you keep on your table when it needs to be cleared off.

  1. A Pull-Out Couch

A sleeper sofa doesn’t have to look or feel like it came out of a dorm room. Many modern couch/beds are just as good as a real bed and allow your guests to stretch out. This luxurious option comes in a variety of colors that should match any color scheme.

  1. Large Area Rugs

Large area rugs are great for visually blocking colors and separating room functions. If you have an area set up for children, choose a dark colored rug that can easily hide spills and marker stains. These rugs have a variety of patterns and colors that will fit in any home.

  1. Expandable Table

The beauty of an expandable table is that they can be whatever size you want! For day-to-day living, keeping it at the small size in your kitchen can be perfect for small family meals, but when it is time to host a party, stretch it out! This option from Ikea starts out barely the size of a side table, then expands to seat multiple guests.

If you’re dealing with a limited space, furniture that has multiple purposes can help you cut down on clutter and keep your home functional. Consider getting a coffee table with storage, a pull-out couch, large area rugs and an expandable table to make the most out of your space. Don’t forget to contact us so we can help you design and find pieces for daily living and hosting parties, too!

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