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Top Tips For The Perfect Custom Window Treatment

Lagnappe Interiors know a thing or two about window treatments; after all, we have offered custom treatment services to the Virgin Islands for nearly two decades! Custom window treatments are an investment and a commitment, and the overwhelming amount of choices can be stressful. Running towards a plain beige color palette to avoid committing to a pattern is a missed opportunity for personalizing and elevating the style of your home. Let us help! We’ve collected some of our favorite styles, tips, and tricks for choosing bedroom window treatments to help you find something you’ll love for years to come.

1. Defining The Style

When we visit a home for a window treatment consultation, the first step is always to define the style of the home. Whether your style is modern and sleek, or coastal cottage chic, the right window treatments will complement the architecture of your home and elevate your surroundings. If you’re struggling to find the right style for you, we offer design strategy sessions on our website.

This is a perfect example of how a bold pattern can brighten up a room. In the guest room of this rental, the bamboo window shades blend perfectly with the wall and the patterned drapes become the star of the show, while the matching bed skirt adds an extra pop of fun! Because it’s a rental, we also chose an indoor/outdoor performance fabric, that makes for a great option for easy cleaning.

2. What Is The Purpose?

Tiffany Cassidy Interior Design / Calypso Delight Villa

Our second consideration is the purpose of the room. We work with clients from all walks of life and believe your home should be customized to your lifestyle. This room is a perfect example of modern blackout solutions. Including blackout solutions in your vacation rental will give your home that added level of luxury. These options are perfect for those who sleep in, maybe work nights, need to sleep off jet lag, or provide little sanctuaries where babies or toddlers can nap. This blackout solution won’t ruin the aesthetic of your space. These woven bamboo shades are natural and simple and stack nicely off the glass. The best part? They come with blackout liners!

3. A Worthy Alternative

A Worth Alternative

A Note on Shutters:

Shutters are the only window treatment that you can finance into your home. While the pricing is generally high, the added value of your home can make up for it! We’ve traded in the classic Caribbean wooden shutters for a modernized PVC version. You get a similar look with the added benefit of being able to clean them right in your own shower. This feature is especially great for allergy season!

Shutters are an alternative to shades and drapery that can open up a space. Here, the fabric would have overwhelmed the room if all three windows had drapes. These easy-to-clean shutters by Hunter Douglas have a trim profile and a classic feel, while the drapery adds some coziness to the room.

4. Blinds for Added Variety

If you’re looking for variety in your space, or you’re not too keen on drapery, we have another simple and elegant solution: blinds. Blinds can truly elevate a space, and improve the functionality of a room with ease. While there are countless styles to choose from, one of our most popular are bamboo shades. The natural textures of these shades complement almost any island-style home and can function up and down as roman shades, or as sliders on doors. They even come in sheer and blackout options!

5. Add A Touch of Luxury with Roller Shades

We also love roller shades! They are affordable, simple to operate and work well for a wide range of window sizes. Silhouettes by Hunter Douglas are a favorite of ours. A more expensive option, but they offer double the options for light control in any room as they feature both blackout and sheer functions.

6. Where Style Meets Functionality

Functionality is another huge factor in our consultation process. One of our favorite techniques is to use built-in cornices to hide inexpensive curtain rods and complement the architecture of a room with functional drapery. Here, you can see that the horizontal stripe of the drapes nicely picks up the paneling of the ceiling.

Safety is very important to us, and we encourage our clients to take into consideration the benefits of professional installation, especially on rental properties. If a child is going to swing on your drape chord, it’s important to know they won’t come crashing down! Our goal is to make our clients’ homes as stylish and secure as possible; let us relieve some of your stress.

Tiffany Cassidy Interior Design / Calypso Delight Villa

The functionality of drapery is limitless! In this room, sheer drapes create a soft aesthetic. Sheer drapery is a subtle way to let light in while protecting your privacy. The draping behind this bed hides an off-center window that overlapped with the bedposts. Drapes are a simple solution for small architectural flaws and making a new furniture arrangement flow. Sliding glass doors that lead outside are a common style here in the VI, so we recommend avoiding any treatments that operate up and down. Sizing is also an important part of determining the best treatments for your room and the physical conditions of a room can limit your choices. Don’t forget, accurate measurements are key!

Once you’ve determined the functional products you need for your home, the fun can begin! Styling is our favorite part of the custom treatment process. There are endless options for fabrics, with tons of functionality! Blackout or sheer material can bring a soft, cozy feel to a space while blocking out light and noise. Drapery is versatile, and often styled in layers; one of our favorite combinations is sheer drapes over roll-down blackout shades to avoid overwhelming the space. We want your treatments to add to the experience of a room, and we will work with you to find complimenting fabrics and even coordinating bedding to tie everything together!

Here, the light watery pattern on the sliding drapes compliments the fish euro designs on the pillow shams, as well as the view! If the idea of styling on your own window treatments feels overwhelming, check out our design strategy sessions today!

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