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Style File: Parisian Art Deco

There are many design styles out there and most people aren’t familiar with the differences and nuances of each. Elements and pieces used in a design style can vary so much, but there are often hallmarks of a style that make it easy to recognize. Today we’re digging into a lesser-known style: Parisian Art Deco.

Some of the same Art Deco touches you may recognize, but the Parisian influence is strong and really changes up a room.

Luxurious fabrics: Everything about the Parisian art deco style feels expensive. Rich velvets, soft suedes and elegant linens are top choices for upholstery and accents in this style.
Graphic black and white: This classic combo really makes a space come alive! From a timeless striped pattern to a bold geometric wallpaper, black and white elements create drama.
Color story: While walls and floors are mostly neutral, choosing one or two pops of color really bring interest into the room. The colors can be soft or boldly vibrant, and are mostly incorporated via furniture or statement pieces.
Mirrors: One way this style is easily recognizable as art deco is with the use of mirrors. They are large and geometric and help add space light to a room. Their flashiness gives that signature art deco glitz and glam factor and make any space feel fancy.
Streamlined Furniture: In a departure from the rounded corners and ornate pieces of traditional art deco style, the Parisian style incorporates sleek furniture that still has curves.
Architectural lighting: from unique pendant lights to edgy chandeliers, lighting plays a big role in this design style. By using unexpected fixtures, the lighting becomes a bigger part of the story of the room.

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