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Tiffany Cassidy Kips Bay Palm Beach

The 2023 Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse Experience

For those unfamiliar with the Kips Bay event, it started in Kips Bay, New York, and was so popular that it has now expanded to Palm Beach. This is one of the most significant charity events in the design industry annually. Even the home is donated. All proceeds go to the local Boys and Girls club. Putting on this event and creating these rooms is a massive undertaking for the design teams, most of whom are beaded in other areas of the country.

This year is the 6th annual Kips Bay Palm Beach show house, giving visitors a taste of the luxury palm beach flair and lifestyle. The 9,000 sq ft Mediterranean-style home is located in the North Wood Shores neighborhood, overlooking the intercoastal waterway. This year, there are 21 participating interior designers representing some of the most sought-after design talents in the country.

I’ve never had the opportunity to visit a Kips Bay house in person, but I have always wanted to. The timing just happened to be right this weekend. We already had a trip to Florida planned to shop for stone for a local Virgin Islands project, so when I was sitting at the airport scrolling on IG, looking at the pictures of this home, I suddenly realized we’d be right there in the neighborhood on Saturday and quickly booked tickets!

Touring the home is an exciting experience; every room is a new and different experience. Each room is designed by a different designer, showing the community their unique style and interpretation of the lifestyle portrayed here. When no clients are driving the design decisions, you get all the unrestrained creativity of these talented individuals, and they did not disappoint!

Overall, there were many colors. I love color in fashion, my design work, and all the ways, so I was glad to see that. There were also many natural elements and textures, from classic sisal rugs to a mix of vintage and new rattan pieces and even a custom coconut shell coffee table designed by Danielle Rollins.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Coco Lounge by Danielle Rollins

This space was beautifully done. I’ve followed Danielle Rollins’ style for years and have always been inspired. The lounge was done all in neutrals, a testament to the current trend toward organic textures and colors used in less obvious ways. So many outstanding textural elements in this room. It’s hard to say which was my favorite, but that mirror is a statement and a half!!

Tiffany Cassidy Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse

2. The Great Room by Amanda Lindroth

Right off the coco lounge is the great room done by Amanda Lindroth. If you love classic island style, you are probably already familiar with her work. Throughout her career, she has captured the lifestyle in the Bahamas in ways that can be enjoyed in coastal locations. So many beautiful textures in this space as well.

Tiffany Cassidy Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse Great Room
3. The Family Room by Scott Sanders

The next room, with a completely different vibe, is the family room by Scott Sanders. I enjoyed his fresh and modern perspective on Palm beach style. The grass-cloth wall covering has that organic and coastal Florida feel, but mixed with the acrylic pieces in the room, it’s a nice update. For me, the classic pretzel rattan chairs with the modern geometric pattern were the showstoppers! I LOVE this combo!

Tiffany Cassidy Kips Bay Showhouse Palm Beach Family Room

4. Silent Coast Bedroom by Megan Grehl

On the home’s upper level, the first of the guest rooms I entered was completely unexpected and delightful. I have a personal love for cozy minimalism. Megan Grehl’s “silent coast” bedroom is just that. Simple and cozy. However, minimalism is anything but simple. It’s easy to see that a lot went into creating the balance that makes this room so restful and offers the opportunity for the outdoor views to become the art of the room. Can we talk about that bed… WOW! Backlit stone and custom fabrication. As a designer, I’m looking at that going; there is no margin for error. The drawings you send to the fabricator must be perfect. And can you imagine what it took to get this up the stairs and into the room? Whatever it took, it was worth it!

Tiffany Cassidy Kips Bay Showhouse Bedroom

5. Primary Bathroom by Paladino Rudd

Also on the upper level was a bathroom by Paladino Rudd. This space was beautifully executed and shows all the luxury bath features I just saw at the recent KBIS show, but it shows them installed and styled in an existing home. The infinity bathtub is a focal point worth the splurge if anyone needs inspiration for their bathroom.

6. Jungle Bedroom by Mabley Handler

Last but certainly not least is the Jungle bedroom by Mabley Handler. Kudos to this design duo for bringing together so many elements in harmony! The room is expertly layered and so fitting for Palm Beach. I love those sconces as nightstand lamps too. They almost look like they were meant to be part of the wallpaper – like someone planned it! The custom wallcovering transports you to another time and place entirely.

Tiffany Cassidy Kips Bay Showhouse 2023

If you are in the area and can attend the show house in person, I highly recommend the experience. It’s inspiring, and of course, the $40 admission goes to a worthy cause. Suppose you can’t make it in person. In that case, you can tour virtually, which is an excellent addition to this event and will be available soon. It allows people worldwide to experience the design excellence displayed, be inspired, and bring a little of that home to their imaginations. Plan your next visit here!

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