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Outdoor bathing

5 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Bathing Space

Outdoor bathing area stone

Properly Planning an outdoor bathing space will allow you to enjoy it even more!

Modern luxury vacation homes, especially in the islands, now have both indoor and outdoor bathing space. Features such as a rainfall showers, incorporating landscaping, and decor mimic a spa experience. Outdoor bathing areas provides the ultimate relaxation, and connect people with nature.

The concept is appealing when you live where the air is warm, with sunshine and tradewinds year long. Something about the experience adds to living that tropical lifestyle, where indoor and outdoor living areas are combined with an open-aired concept. 

Outdoor showers are not only an enjoyable luxury, but they’re functional for vacation homes. Keeping sandy feet and swimsuits outside after a day at the beach, or boating can simplify housekeeping later on.

“We love working with our clients on outdoor showers. Our clients love designing these spaces because it is a concept most do not get to enjoy at home. When on vacation, whether it be a whole season, or a week, people want to maximize their time outside. With these features, they can take time to relax while they bathe.”

Tiffany, Lagnappe Custom Interiors


1. Outdoor Showers & Water Fixtures are Easy and Simple

Many love the concept of a rainfall shower in an outdoor bathing area, to mimic the feeling of a waterfall. Large rain can shower heads achieves this, as the water falls softly from above, for a wonderful, relaxing feeling. 

“It is key to include a hand-held shower head, or a hose with a spray attachment in the area, as they are often used to rinse off things like dive-gear, surfboards, sand toys, and pets. It also makes showering easier for small kids, and simplifies cleaning,” says Tiffany.

2. Outdoor Bathtubs Maximize Relaxation

Enjoy the relaxing experience of a bathtub, under the sun or while gazing at the stars. You can incorporate a tub in your outdoor bathroom as a statement feature, such as an oval stone bathtub. Corner tubs allow more space, and can be built in-ground within your deck like a pool.

“A tub adds extra luxury. There’s nothing quite like soaking in a big tub during the day. We can even add features such as effervescent bubble jets, heaters, or glowing, decretive lights.”

Tiffany Cassidy, Lagnappe Custom Interiors

3. Location & Landscaping Choices for an Outdoor Bathing Area

Designing your ideal outdoor bathing area includes finding the perfect location to incorporate the views of surroundings and sea. 

“Isn’t it true? Location, location, location! Will you position your outdoor tub on a private deck with an incredible view? Consider a courtyard setting with a beautiful garden, for truly tropical experience,” says Tiffany.

Combine the indoor bathing experience with the outdoor surroundings by adding greenery and vegetation. Plants like shrubs and ivy require little work, yet create a refreshing feel for your morning cleanse. If your property includes natural stones or palm trees, your design team can include these within your bathroom.

4. Storage Space in and Outdoor Bathing Space

In an outdoor bathing area, storage space is crucial. You need to be able to tuck away your bathing essentials to prevent them from collecting dirt. Design teams offer suggestions to incorporate storage areas into your bathroom without taking up extra space. Be sure to include lots of hooks or bars to hang-dry wet towels and clothes. 

“Whether it’s a niche in a stone wall to hold your shampoos, or a teak cabinet with fresh towels, we have unique ideas to keep the essentials handy,” says Tiffany.

5. Seating & Decor for your Ultimate Outdoor Bathing Space

Depending on the size of your bathing area, consider outdoor furniture, to re-create the spa experience. A simple teak bench, or an elaborate stone seat offer additional space to rest dry items.

“Clients love comfy, outdoor steamer chairs. We offer seating made from recycled plastic, which is eco-friendly and durable,” says Tiffany.

Of course, typical indoor decorations such as artwork and ornaments will not withstand the weather conditions outside in the Caribbean. Your selections need to be made from specific materials and weather-proof when decorating your outdoor bathing space. Choose colorful titles and patterns as basics, then adorn with sculptures and even paintings designed for outdoor use.

Remember, even outdoors in the tropics, you need to enjoy hot water all year round. Your design team needs to work with expert contractors for the plumbing, electricity, and air systems, specific to the climate.

Luxurious outdoor bathing spaces are a compliment to any Caribbean vacation home. Teams like Lagnappe Custom Interiors are experienced in sourcing materials, and know the best options for the climate and location. They ensure their clients have a simple, efficient, and exciting time when planning their future outdoor bathroom. 

About Lagnappe Custom Interiors

Lagnappe Custom Interiors is a full-service interior design firm, specializing in bringing the small niceties to a home or commercial space that make it memorable, functional and yours. Based out of St. Thomas, Lagnappe [LAN-YAP] is led by Tiffany Cassidy who enjoys working with clients to create a home that reflects their style and needs. Tiffany marries her artistic and scientific sides together to bring the residents of the Virgin Islands and continental U.S. an interior decorating service that manages the complex and turns it into beauty. Her goal is to not only make a home prettier, but in doing so, make your life better. Visit for more information.

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