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Tropical Tones: Infusing Sophistication and Style into Your Caribbean Abode

Do specific colors come to mind when you think of living in the Caribbean? Do you see yellows and oranges or greens and blues? Color theory is at the core of a successful interior design project and can dramatically alter the ambiance and style of a space. Of course, residing in the USVI, we love incorporating tropical tones into our client’s homes for the ultimate island experience. Whether we’re inspired by the warm sunset hughs or the cool water tones, one thing is for sure: we are color lovers! Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into how we use color, which we’ve formulated thanks to years of experience, which has allowed us more flexibility and fun with the vibrant array of colors that serve as the backdrop for island living.

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How to Embrace Nature’s Palette by Selecting the Right Colors

Recently, it seems all we see on Instagram is shades of white, beige, and grey. I believe that’s starting to change. Color is fun, and above all else we want our vacation homes to represent fun times! Color is a great way to set the mood for a fun space. As much as we love the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, it’s possible to go a little overboard with them. Keeping the look polished and sophisticated is easy with these simple steps:

1. Start with a Neutral Background

Opting for a soft, neutral hue as a base establishes a versatile foundation for the rest of the design and allows for a seamless integration of tropical tones. Looking for the perfect neutral paint colors? All our favorites are found in the Caribbean Color Guide.

2. Identify your Preferred Color Palette

This can sometimes be the most challenging part, so we are sharing some mood board options to inspire your ideal color palette.


a. Coastal Hues

Bringing pieces of the natural environment into your interiors is an impactful support system for your overall well-being and psyche. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, custom gradients in the island sky, and the rich browns of ships and decks can all reference your coastal hues. These tones can be incorporated with side tables, accent pillows, throw covers, area rugs, fresh florals, and more.


b. Vibrant Island Energy

There is something to be said about the sun and how it energizes our bodies. The same effect comes from vibrant tropical colors like purple, pink, and turquoise. If you want to add a tropical dose of personality to a space, bring lively color combinations or patterns in wall coverings, textiles, or stonework. Choose one item—like the above wallpaper mural—to invite all the colors into the room. It helps you work with a variety, and they seem related.


c. An Earthy Ambiance

If you’re in the mood for something a little more earthy, you can incorporate natural elements like wood, rattan, and stone for grounding. This color theme evokes more of the rustic charm of island life, creating an inviting and connected atmosphere. These rich brown and cream hues paired with natural textures can further enhance the relationship with nature while accents of green and stone pay homage to the laid-back luxury of Caribbean life.

3. Sprinkle the Hues Throughout

As we’ve mentioned, thoughtfully select items within your color palette to place within the room. Accessories like picture frames, throw pillows, blankets, and even slipcovers for accent chairs can be done in your preferred hues. To learn more strategic ways to incorporate color into your entire home, download our Color Guide Magazine.


We know we are a little biased, but we genuinely love the timelessness of tropical tones, and how we encounter them in our day-to-day makes them that much more meaningful. We hope this glimpse into our color formula helps you infuse the warmth and style you’re looking for in your home or vacation rental. If you’re feeling inspired by the beauty of the Caribbean and are looking to begin your next project, let’s get started. If you find yourself asking, “What is that color?” We have the perfect tool guide for you, too; no matter where you are in your design journey, we encourage you to begin the voyage and indulge in your island-inspired home.

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