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What it Means to Work with An Interior Designer

Working with an interior designer can mean many things because an interior designer’s role is so multi-faceted. First and foremost, when you work with an interior design professional, that means you will have a fresh set of eyes to help guide you through your home interiors from start to finish. By hiring a designer, you are taking the next step and going beyond just making your home beautiful, which is why we have outlined exactly what it means to work with an interior designer.

Tiffany Cassidy

1. Someone by Your Side

Whether you’ve just purchased an island home or are ready to invest in remodeling it’s important to hire an interior designer. Working with an interior designer means you have a licensed professional in your corner to help you navigate the entire design process. As a designer, we oversee the ins and outs of your project, and by working alongside you, we ensure that each specification and design decision is made with you and your family in mind. We understand that when you are so close to a situation it can become very overwhelming to sort through all the possible options for every decision.  It is much easier to have a professional with your best interest in mind to edit the world of options for you to then select from a filtered list of options. This will help prevent any level of stress or anxiety from bubbling over into your decision-making.

Expert Advice
2. Expert Advice

When you work with an interior designer, that means you’ll have a line of contact for expert advice. A designer’s role reaches past the interiors of a household. Because we are working within the most intimate part of people’s lives, we sometimes consult on intimate topics. The way a home functions and flows will directly affect those who inhabit the space and how they interact with one another. If sibling rivalry or opposite work schedules are a factor to consider, talk through these points with your interior designer so they can help advise on ways for everyone to cohabitate together effortlessly.

Home remodeling projects have many moving parts, so when it comes time to finding the right team for the job in the form of an architect, general contractor, and other various vendors, interior designers know exactly where to go. This is even more prevalent when it comes to local expertise. Here, in the Caribbean, the climate, lifestyle, and logistics of obtaining resources on the island intuitively impact who and what we recommend to our clients.

Project Manager

3. Project Manager

One of the most valuable skills an interior designer can bring to the table is serving as a project manager. One of the many reasons our clients love working with us is because that means they have someone to oversee the complex processes that come with their interior design projects. Shipping logistics is a significant factor in the Caribbean, and we’re very familiar with freight forwarding and the customs clearance process. Our team is also well versed when it comes to managing all of the moving parts for complex projects such as:

  1. Hiring and managing vendors
  2. Creating and maintaining project timelines
  3. Ordering materials and managing delivery schedules
  4. Shopping for furniture art and décor
  5. Commissioning custom furniture or original artwork
  6. Staging the home and adding those personalized touches that no one thinks about but that everyone loves

4. A Translator and Storyteller

Part of being an interior designer means we are a translator and storyteller for our clients. Being a good listener and following up with the right questions helps us translate your life and the things you love into a one-of-a-kind living experience. So when guests come to visit you in your home, they can pick up on your story and what makes you, YOU. Curating the look of a home that truly reflects the homeowners, their travels, and their lifestyle is a fantastic process. It takes practice and getting to know our clients well to be able to design for them. We often end up with new friends this way, making it the best part of the job!

A Translator and Storyteller

At the end of the day, when you decide to work with an interior designer, you’ll know what it means and how much better off your investment and time for your project will be. 

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