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Yacht Interior Design Style: Small Spaces with Big Personality

Who hasn’t dreamed of living aboard a luxurious yacht? Floating on the ocean and visiting any island you want with all the comforts of home sounds pretty nice…

While most of us can’t afford a mega-million dollar floating palace, you can steal some of these design ideas and make your home feel like a million bucks (with a touch of nautical style, of course)!

The nature of yacht life is dealing with spaces that are smaller than typical homes. This is never more evident than in the kitchen. Because yachts sometimes have smaller appliances and prep space is limited, getting creative is the name of the game!

Small kitchens in homes are no different. Keep functionality at the forefront, but add touches of your personality in with things like unique backsplash tile or easy-to-clean flooring that has more personality with a funky pattern.

Another way to deal with small spaces: mirrors. Mirrors make any space look bigger, and it’s no different on sea than on land. The beautiful Mrs. Happy yacht utilizes mirrors in spaces that may normally feel cramped to help open them up and evoke more breathing room.

Image courtesy of CYI Charters
Image courtesy of CYI Charters

Lighting is a really important way that interior designers work to change the way a room looks and feels. Good lighting can make all the difference, and bad lighting can really make a space feel smaller.

Some top tips for lighting…

  1. Maximize natural light first. But don’t forget that the sun does go down! Pay special attention to where you spend time after dark, then make sure those areas are lighted well.
  2. Watch the wattage. If the bulbs in the lighting fixture don’t match the feel of the room, the entire piece may feel out of place. You wouldn’t want really bright lighting in a space that should be relaxing (like a bedroom), just like you wouldn’t want low, soft lighting in the kitchen, where you need to be able to see well.
  3. Light your way. Take a note from yacht lighting and think about places that aren’t easy to see in the dark. There are plenty of unique ways to light staircases and hallways so that lighting is both elegant AND functional.
Image courtesy of CYI Charters

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Lagnappe Custom Interiors is a full-service interior design firm specializing in bringing the small niceties to a home or commercial space that make it memorable, functional and yours. Based out of St. Thomas, Lagnappe [LAN-YAP] is led by Tiffany Cassidy who enjoys working with clients to create a home that reflects their style and needs. Tiffany marries her artistic and scientific sides together to bring the residents of the Virgin Islands and continental U.S. an interior decorating service that manages the complex and turns it into beauty. Her goal is to not only make a home prettier, but in doing so, make your life better. Visit for more information.

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