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5 Ways Your Kitchen Can Support Your Health

Looking at food trend forecasts for the next year, it seems that more Americans are looking for ways to be creative with their food and nutrients for their health from the inside out. As a nation, we’re making more gourmet superfood lattes, healthy smoothies, and growing some of our own key ingredients from the comfort of our home. This welcome shift away from the convenience of fast food to investing time in preparing home-cooked meals has led many of us to look for ways our kitchen and our home can support a healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 ways your kitchen can support your health.


One of the many things we are glad to see is how appliances are becoming more flexible, giving us better control in the kitchen and, in turn, our lives. Appliance selections that are fit for seamless and easy use will be ideal for cooking healthy meals at home. This Signature Kitchen Suite Pro Range with gas comes equipped with an induction oven, air fryer, and sou vide, built right into the same unit. It almost serves dinner for you and your family.

Multi-Use Appliances


For some, outdoor gardening is not an option depending on your location and residence type. LG is giving flexibility and luxury to those who want to have an indoor garden by leveraging their appliance know-how to develop the first indoor cultivator that is easy and affordable to add to most kitchens. The beverage-cooler-size column garden uses advanced technology to provide a convenient solution for growing nutritious foods at home.



Another critical part of a healthy kitchen includes having anti-microbial surfaces that are easy to clean. Cambria’s quartz countertops are durable, non-porous, stain-resistant, and, most importantly, have a beautiful look that mimics natural stone. Thanks to their non-porous nature, they don’t have to be sealed like other surfaces, and they don’t harbor harmful bacteria. This is a bonus, especially if you have quartz countertops in your vacation rental property. You really can’t expect guests on vacation to take care of your marble countertops the way you do!

Cambrias Quartz Countertops


The GE cafe refrigerator models feature veggie drawers that can be customized to different temperatures. The top drawer on this fridge can flex from a refrigerator to a freezer giving you a special temperature zone beyond just the standard refrigerator appliance.

GE Cafe Refrigerator


Water filtration is a HUGE topic, especially in the tropics, where many people’s water supply is a cistern, and many don’t have access to municipal water sources. We love to add extra water filtration to our client’s homes, and Moen’s new offering is excellent! The reverse osmosis for home use installed in a cabinet makes so much sense for us.

Filtration System

Don’t let your perceived tastes limit the possibility of being inspired and living better. With countless innovations happening, there are many collaborations and breakthroughs for our kitchens’ future configuration and functionality. I discovered my favorite kitchen display by far, from GE Cafe in their new ad campaign with Iris Apfel. The background features a state-of-the-art kitchen equipped with the luxuries for the kitchen that can support your health. I’ve always said I hate black appliances and cabinets. It turns out I can be swayed by beautiful design!

GE Cafe

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