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Our Guide to Creating the Perfect Caribbean Color Scheme

The minimalistic white and greige rooms that have become popular on design social media channels certainly have an appealing aesthetic. Still, we love requests for fun Caribbean colors from our clients. Honestly, not using color to us is a missed opportunity, and we’ve got our color schemes down to a science.

1. Make a (Back) Splash

If you look through our portfolio it’s easy to see that we really lean into ocean-inspired colors. Let’s face it. The first thing everyone says when they get off the plane here is, “Wow, look at that water!” Our Caribbean home’s fabulous blue jewel tones truly can’t be beaten.


A fun pattern toned down with a calming blue or teal hue can add personality to a basic white kitchen or compliment a sleek white bathroom tile. The applications are virtually limitless!


2. Play with Different Shades and Temperatures

I have a genuine fascination with the ocean in its many forms, especially the tranquility element of water itself. It’s no surprise that those colors show up again and again in my client’s homes.

When we want to create a sense of relaxation and calmness in a vacation home, we pull those deep blues and vibrant turquoise shades from the ocean outside our doors. Their depth and variation provide the perfect serene aesthetic and continued inspiration through the space.


3. Bring the Island Indoors

We’ve recently collaborated with Sherwin Williams to create our very own Caribbean-inspired paint shade! It’s called Calypso Breeze and is inspired by the fresh, salty sea air and the invigorating spray of our beautiful ocean. It’s a simple way to bring the beauty of the beach into your own home, minus the sand. We love to use this shade as an accent color in accessories or even as a ceiling color to open a room.

Over the years, we’ve developed a color formula that allows us to have fun with all colors and still keep the look cohesive and sophisticated. With our Color Magazine Guide, you’ll learn the perfect color recipes. This latest edition includes our favorite neutral paint colors and our 3-step process for layering your space with beautiful color that can be applied to any home where a flair for bold color is desired. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by color choices, give it a read! You can download your copy here.

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