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7 Tips for Styling A Coffee Table

The living room is one of the best  and easiest rooms to accessorize since it’s a space that gets used a lot, especially for entertaining. The coffee table is a natural place to show off some of your style, but without some forethought, it can become cluttered really quick. These tips can help you create a beautiful, cohesive table that everyone can appreciate.

Keep it Balanced

The rule of 3 works well here. By dividing your coffee table into three sections, it can better help you decide what goes where. Odd numbers are also pleasing to the eye and three areas are easier to style than by being overwhelmed by the one large area of the entire coffee table. Have a good balance of large and small items so that the table doesn’t look either cluttered or cumbersome.

Add Contrasting Height

As part of having a balanced table, adding items of different heights keeps things interesting. A vase of tall flowers draws the eye up into the room, while a bowl of shells brings interest down.

Light it Up

Candles are a natural choice for a table, but be mindful of small children or animals that may be at just the right height to get into things. Lanterns or candles in tall hurricane vases is another lovely way to add some sparkle to the coffee table.

Choose Sides

If your table is large, rather than trying to cover the entire area, choose one end to add items to and style it appropriately.

Don’t Forget the Green

A small, low-maintenance houseplant (think succulents!) is a great item for a coffee table. If you’re not interested in keeping something alive, a small vase of fresh flowers can also bring in a natural element.

Stash and Store

The coffee table is often the hub of the main living area, and all kinds of stuff ends up there. Using baskets, trays or bowls can help contain clutter and keep heavily-used items at easy reach.

Make it Yours

Don’t put out items that are just for show. Make the space tell a story of your personal passions, travels and life. Have a favorite coffee table book? Don’t let it collect dust on its cover; open it up to a beautiful photo and encourage guests to peruse its pages.

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