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8 Ways to Spruce Up the Foyer

An often overlooked but important part of the home, the foyer or entryway is a great place to add some character to your house. These ideas will inspire you to make some small changes to a small space for BIG impact.

A striking lighting fixture serves double duty. Not only does it provide light to the space, but draws the eye up, making the entry appear larger. Be mindful of the height; hang the fixture too high and you’ll lose the effect, hang it too low and the space feels smaller.
Whether it’s a single palm frond in an architectural vase or a full on potted banana tree, greenery livens up the foyer and is a great transition from outdoors to inside.
A great mirror always makes a space look and feel bigger. For even more effect, group some smaller ones together in a gallery-type organization.
Painted stairs add drama to a place that is used a lot but often not thought of a place that “needs” designing. Bonus: darker jewel tones hide dirt and scuffs!
Never underestimate the power of places to PUT things! Storage cubbies beneath the bench keep things tidy. Funky boat cleat hangers add character and yet another place to hang items.
Rugs – specifically long runners – draw guests into the home. They also corral dirt and debris, so pick one that hides it well. Another option: painting the runner directly on the floor means no vacuuming!
When looking for entryway furniture, don’t overthink it. A simple side table or dresser can serve as a catchall for keys and sunglasses and lets your personality come through in the space.
A beautiful place to sit invites people to relax, stay a while and enjoy themselves. It also serves as a great place for putting shoes on and taking them off.

Ready to transform your space? Contact Lagnappe and let’s design something lovely together!

About Lagnappe Custom Interiors

Lagnappe Custom Interiors is a full-service interior design firm specializing in bringing the small niceties to a home or commercial space that make it memorable, functional and yours. Based out of St. Thomas, Lagnappe [LAN-YAP] is led by Tiffany Cassidy who enjoys working with clients to create a home that reflects their style and needs. Tiffany marries her artistic and scientific sides together to bring the residents of the Virgin Islands and continental U.S. an interior decorating service that manages the complex and turns it into beauty. Her goal is to not only make a home prettier, but in doing so, make your life better. Visit for more information.

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