HPMKT Vacation Rental Design Summit Highlight

After spending five days at Highpoint, I feel invigorated with fresh ideas. This trip was longer than my typical three-day stay, allowing me to connect and explore even more. During the first two days, I attended the Vacation Rental Design Summit, where I spoke on two panels. The summit was created in response to the […]

9 Top Tips for Designing a Vacation Rental Property

At High Point Market 2022, I was honored to be part of Universal Furniture’s panel of expert designers to discuss all things vacation rentals. I am excited to share with you the top tips we discussed in hopes that each will provide you with clear insights into the different perspectives and ways to design a successful […]

5 Mistakes Homeowners Make Decorating Their Vacation Rental

When you think of a vacation home, you think everything will be perfect, like most luxury hotels. In reality, most of the time, it’s not as great as you build it up in your mind. There are always little things you think of that could have made your experience better. Let us help you get […]

Vacation Rental Must-Haves

Renting your home out as a vacation property is easier than ever, thanks to sites like VRBO and Airbnb. How does your rental compare to the others? We have the vacation rental must haves to help your home book first.

Decorating and Designing Your Vacation Rental – Your Shortcut to Success on Airbnb and VRBO

Want to set your vacation rental apart from all the competition?

We’re sharing the secret strategies we’ve used to design countless rental properties in our Decorating and Designing Your Vacation Rental Property – Your Shortcut to Success on Airbnb and VRBO. This guide makes setting up your vacation rental for easy management and success.

In the Decorating and Designing Your Vacation Rental Property – Your Shortcut to Success on Airbnb and VRBO you will discover:

  • How to make your rental Insta-worthy so that yours is always in demand
  • How to buy bed linens that your guests will love and you can easily wash
  • Small things you can do to make your housekeepers happy and looking out for you and your property
  • Exactly how to stock your kitchen – your guests will never want to leave
  • The often overlooked areas that will create a vacation oasis for your guests
  • Secret tips to make your guests feel special so that they leave glowing reviews and book a return trip

PLUS – the LINKS to the exact products we put in all our clients’ rentals – save hours of research time and thousands of dollars.

How to Design an Instagrammable Vacation Rental

Stunning vacation rentals with striking interiors capture the eyes of the those who enter them, and now, the hearts and imaginations of those who see images posted on social media. What makes a space ‘social media worthy’, and especially on the number one picture sharing app, Instagram, is the unique features, breathtaking surroundings, and remarkable […]

How to Create a Comfortable Vacation Rental Home

If you are in need of a vacation, make your way to the Caribbean! If you’re not ready for colder weather or don’t want to shovel feet of snow out of your driveway, warm sandy beaches are waiting. As a 15-year Caribbean resident, I see it every year; the first major blizzard occurs in the […]

Furniture for Seaside Vacation Homes

If you have a coastal vacation home, especially one that you rent out short-term, AIRBNB style, then you know that the choice of furnishings is so important for so many more reasons. You know you need things that are durable, but they should also be stylish, comfortable, and easy to clean.

How to Design for Island Rentals

We have the preparation for a successful vacation rental down to a science when it comes to curating the best materials that make guests feel right at home, and here they are.