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A Year Ago Today

A Year Ago Today…

In some ways, this time last year doesn’t look too different for us. For that, we feel very fortunate. Many of our clients reside off the island during the course of their projects. Because of this, our collaboration with them started and has continued to be done online. Now, everyone who would normally be in the office is logging in from their home office. Thanks to our previous set up we’ve been able to pivot with them seamlessly. The difference we are witnessing now is a significant shift that is driving some new trends in design that we are incredibly excited about.

Time For A Change

I’m sure we all feel like we are undergoing a healing and awakening after last year. Whether we realize it or not, it was indeed time for a change. Due to the circumstances of 2020, alternative solutions have now become the new trend. Working professionals no longer feel like they must be tethered to their desks in their corner offices of a high-rise building. From CEOs to associates, we all have learned to make our situations work when it comes to working remotely. Last year, the main difference was that we had to make it work. Now we want to make it work for us and our families.

A Year Ago Today

We Won’t Know Until We Try

If 2020 hadn’t come along, we all would have said, “well, that will never work.” When push came to shove, everyone made the most of what they could last year. Many people have come to realize that they really appreciate the flexibility of being at home or being at the office. In our local area, we are seeing many people relocating to the Virgin Islands. Why is that, you ask? Since many don’t have to be in the office, then why not be by the beach? Of course, we can relate this way of thinking on several levels. Plus, workaholism and corporate office culture have never resonated with our way of thinking, to begin with. When you have more freedom and achieve the week’s goals, you can also take a quick dip in the ocean during your lunch break. Imagine that, enjoying the island in all its wonders in the middle of a workday. Now that is what I call work-life balance.

Work Life BalanceThe New Home Trends

  1. Home Gyms

    With this in mind, the requests that have become needs in our clients’ homes are no surprise. Home gyms have taken on a new sense of urgency. If you’ve tried order gym equipment right now, you know that even the bare gym essentials are hard to come by because everyone is thinking this way. The ability to work out with your trainer or drop into your favorite spin class via zoom has really helped to propel this wave.

Home Offices

2. Home Offices

Home offices are also being integrated with flexible office areas into other parts of the house, from dining rooms to guest bedrooms. This enables everyone in the house (kids included) to have their own dedicated workspace.

Zoom Rooms

3. Zoom Rooms

Zoom rooms, or at least zoom spaces, are another request we’ve received a lot more of recently. There are instances where you need to be able to put your headphones on and have a business meeting (or go to class in my daughter’s case) while other people inhabit the house. A dedicated zoom room makes it easy to step away from the family and have a well-thought-out location with a suitable backdrop for those types of meetings.

A Place to Work

4. Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels have also reached a fever pitch. When we stay home and cook almost every meal we eat, we naturally want the space to better serve us and our needs by incorporating more storage and upgraded appliances. I really love this trend because I have maintained that a well-designed kitchen can actually support a healthier lifestyle for years. When cooking is convenient, and everything you need is within arm’s reach, it is much faster and more enjoyable to prepare and dine in.

Kitchen Remodels

If you’ve searched the web via Google or visited any of your social media platforms, you may have noticed that vendor product offerings have also shifted to reflect these up-and-coming trends. Products you would need for a home gym, home office, zoom room, or kitchen remodel are all there are your fingertips, waiting to be ordered. While this second wave is rolling out a little slower, consumers are taking note and keeping these products in mind for their new and improved way of living, all from the comfort of home.

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  1. I can so relate to the #laptoplife, Tiffany, as I live it. There is an amazing sense of freedom when you’re able to work from any location, and it doesn’t surprise me that so many people are relocating to the US Virgin Islands, where you’ve practiced design there with your amazing team for over 20+ years now.

    Your clients..or those who find you…are fortunate to be working with you – a genuine professional who knows how to handle the logistics so well, too.

    And yes to the ZOOM room trend – it’s a #thing – for sure!

  2. Working from the VI sounds like heaven about now! We are seeing the renewed interest in all things home here stateside as well and I agree, better kitchens, home offices, home gyms, and zoom room spaces are all here to stay!

  3. One of the gifts of Covid was redefining how and where we live and work. I think remote working is here to stay and who wouldn’t jump at the chance to do it in paradise.

  4. Great post. I love the idea of a zoom room. I have a great appreciation for zoom and all the amazing things I was able to learn thanks to zoom this last year. Love that purple office wall and the colors and finishes of that kitchen.

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