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Caribbean Sun: Incorporating Yellow Into Your Home

This is post #3 in our spring color blog series! We’re offering ideas and inspiration for those wanting to add more color into their homes, but are maybe unsure of how to go about it. Our design philosophy is about making a space beautiful and liveable. The color yellow has sometimes been relegated to muted kitchens or a neutral baby’s room. But the Caribbean sun is bright, vibrant and alive! Here are some ideas for brining the sunshine into your home without getting burned.

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A sunny yellow pendant light in the kitchen can bring some personality to a space that gets used a lot. It may bring you some energy on early mornings!
Even though the outdoors is often bright enough, some sunny yellow patio furniture creates a welcoming space. Forget traditional brown wicker and go for bold yellow chairs or accent pillows.
  Sometimes painting an entire room yellow can be too much. But a tiled accent wall can provide just the right pop of color.
If painting IS the way to go for you, a softer yellow is a good idea for a bedroom. It keeps things light and cheery without being too loud and making your restful bedroom too “alive” for sleeping. A muted yellow tone can almost serve as a neutral canvas that you can build on.  
  Yellow wainscoting or paneled walls set a soft and cheerful mood in a dining space. You can imagine hosting brunch here or enjoying dinner with your family.
Back in the kitchen, painting cabinets yellow is a great way to incorporate color without fear of going too bold. Make sure the color is soft but not too beige-y to avoid a flat, monochromatic look.  
  If yellow cabinets still seem like too much, a yellow valance over a window brings a nice vibrancy to the sink. You’re doing dishes and preparing food there, so you may as well have something bright and fun to look at!
Say you DO want something bright and bold. Nothing does that better than yellow! Home accents in bright yellow tones bring the eye to places in the room normally overlooked.  
If you must work at home, creating a space that you actually enjoy working in is key. Yellow is a great color for an office as it can help energize you and keep you motivated. A cheery wallpaper in a small office space may make you more productive!

We hope you’ll join us for our next color series installment: orange! Wanting some design inspiration? Contact us, we can help!

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