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Caribbean Sunset: Orange in Interior Design

Welcome to the next post spring color blog series! If you read our last post we invoked the warmth of a bright yellow Caribbean sun. In this post, we’re still in the warm color family, but channeling a beautiful island sunset after a day on the water with orange decor ideas. Bringing orange into your design will instantly warm up a room and add energy to a space. Read on to see some simple was to add this citrusy hue into your decor.

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Any outdoor space is perfect for orange. Adding accent pillows and colorful lantern lighting warms everything up on a cool evening.
Orange can be modern, too. With sleek white furniture, it becomes the perfect place to relax while enjoying a stunning Caribbean blue view.
For a more traditional look, an orange patterned rug sets the stage for enjoying a cool glass of something on the porch. Add seat cushions, accent pillows and warm light from orange carriage lanterns and you’ll have a hard time sending people home.
If a lot of orange is too bold for your taste, adding in a pillow here or there livens things up without being overwhelming. Even better news: orange is the perfect complementary color to all of the blues used in a lot of island homes.
Ready to get funky? A vintage wallpaper with orange tones can really make for an interesting powder room!
Orange works well with neutrals like white and grey, too. An orange mirror or detail on a roman shade break up a monochromatic bathroom or foyer.
The kitchen is another perfect place for orange to be the star of the show. Orange lighting is a simple way to add color to a room that is used a lot. Too much orange in a space like this could become cartoonish.
Tile is another way to add orange to a space that could use color but not drama. A patterned tile with neutral undertones is best for kitchens that have a lot of light but need somewhere for the eye to go.
A den or kids’ bunk room is begging for pops of playful orange. Neutrals + orange accents is a great way to keep a space interesting for kids but not have the room become overrun with characters or comic book-esque items.

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