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Iconic Design: How Mid-Century Became Modern Again

Many people are looking back and becoming nostalgic in order to influence their home decor updates. With mid-century modern design getting so much attention lately, we thought now was a good time to revisit some elements of this iconic style.

From the early 1930s through the mid 1960s, mid-century modern developed from the architectural, interior, product and graphic design movement of the mid-20th century. With heavy Scandinavian influences, the design really took root in the western US, notably in Palm Springs, California. Melding nature and design along with a minimalistic feel, mid-century modern is becoming more and more popular today.

Architectural Design Elements

  • Post and Beam Construction
    • This heavy-timber construction technique allowed for large panes of glass, further infusing homes with natural light and less visual clutter
  • Flat Panes
    • Open spaces and geometric design are highly visible. Flat roofs and sharp angular lines define this modern style.
  • Elevation Changes
    • Split-level spaces are created with steps leading from one area to another, and cabinets or walls of varying height create depth in rooms that are often wide open.

Iconic Homes

Many people will know the name of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, but there are plenty of stunning homes that feature mid-century modern style.

Image via STUA
Stahl House was designed by Pierre Koenig and is perched in the Hollywood Hills. The expansive windows (an iconic element of the design style) offer spectacular views of Los Angeles.
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater is considered an architectural masterpiece, and fulfills one of the tenets of mid-century modern design of blending homes with nature.

Image via

Image via Curbed
 In 1962, Craig Ellwood designed this pavilion-style home for the Daphne family and is an iconic example of flat planes and large open spaces.
 Designed in 1947 by Richard Neutra, this desert home near Palm Springs stands the test of time with lots of sharp, geometric lines.

Image via Hooked on Houses

“New” Mid-Century Modern

With tiny houses and a more simple, minimalistic way of living gaining momentum, mid-century modern is appealing to a new generation of home buyers. New architectural style leads to a need for furnishings that align with the new concept of modern minimalism. One the heels of the arts and crafts moment, these pieces are visually lighter.

We love these looks with heavy mid-century influences and plenty of modern style.

Erro Saarinen developed the tulip table and chairs to clean up the visual clutter of all the legs in a dining room.

Image via Decoist

Image via Coastal Living
Love, love, love this look! A little beachy, a little mid-century modern.
This room is a great study in how to make classics fresh and relevant again.

Here at Lagnappe we want to help make your space fresh and vibrant. Whether you want to redo one room or the whole house, we can source great products for every style and budget. We love to mix mid-century and make it fresh and modern (with a Caribbean twist, of course)! Love one of these? Let us know and we can get it for you!

Ingrid Side Chair – Teak
Bodega Lounge Chair & Ottoman – Natural
  Soren Ventura Lounge Chair – Teak
Taylor dining table  

Want to infuse some mid-century modern style into your home? Contact Lagnappe to discuss your project today.

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