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5 Small Home Office Nooks Perfect For Keeping Clutter at Bay

Everyone knows  – and has in their own home – the spot where papers, mail, and clutter seems to gravitate and pile up. It’s natural for an office to be a place where bills are filed and computer work lives, but it doesn’t have to become a place you avoid because it gets messy. Even if you don’t have a ton of space, creating a dedicated office area can help keep clutter under control and make managing bills and other home items simpler. Check out these savvy office nooks and let us know what you think!

Closet Office

Being able to literally close the door on the mess can be a beneficial way to hide away any potential messes. Strategically placing a home office in a closet area can be a great way to maximize a small space.

Image via Sunset Magazine

Corner Office

Who says a corner office has to be huge? When tucked into a small, out of the way corner, an office can make a previously unused space functional.

Image via Kim Lucian

Behind-the-Couch Office

If your sofa doesn’t hug a wall, it provides the perfect opportunity for a workspace. Make sure you have a system to organize your desk so that living room items don’t find their way to clutter the “office”.

Image via HGTV

Kitchen Office

Even if you think you already spend enough time in the kitchen, considering it as an office space could simply make your life easier. Be sure to keep it far away from food preparation – nobody needs a coffee stain (or worse!) on their paperwork.

Image via Forbes

Under-the-Stairs Office

A truly overlooked space can become your home office haven. Having a dedicated space for your paper clutter to go can free up other spaces in your living areas.

Image via Decoist

If you want help maximizing your space (or finding creative ways to corral your clutter), contact us today!

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