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Luxury at Home and at Sea

Luxury at Home and at Sea: A Sneak Peek into the World of Yacht Design

We have long been fascinated with the elegance and complexity of yacht design and wanted to dive deeper into the yachting lifestyle. Yachting is the ultimate expression of luxury and freedom. This exclusive way of life continues to elevate itself by evolving and tailoring personal style into a representation of both ideas ensuring that the same level of luxury that is felt at home is also brought out to the high seas.

Yacht Design

While a yacht’s exterior has its own extensive design process, a yacht design’s level of interior architecture is astounding! The sleekness of the functional elements seamlessly work together with the surrounding interior details! Here, the use of rounded tables, bars, and bureau spaces is aesthetically pleasing, reminiscent of the pattern of ocean waves, while all those lovely curves give a fluid and flowing feel to the interiors.

The rich details of the ceiling panels follow the natural curvature of the ship while maintaining the elegance of the space. The contrast between lighter ceilings and darker wood floors and walls opens up and brightens a room, which is key in compact areas. The dark wood is a more traditional design element that ties together the nautical and the domestic to create a luxurious yet homey atmosphere.

Yacht design is just like any other interior design medium: the goal is to make the best possible use of the space you have. The designers have created a more open and visually appealing space by strategically installing built-in wall mirrors. Note the subtle bed drawers and wall cabinetry in every room that virtually melts into the wood paneling; cleverly tucked-away storage saves space, prevents items from rolling around with the tide, and is nearly invisible!

Set Sail

Designing the perfect deck space for a yacht is equally essential. Lighter paneling protects the front from the sun’s heat and possible fading, and the beige and tan canvas umbrellas make the navy blue elements pop! A curved bar and stair area are another excellent consideration of both form and function. A built-in booth against the wall also saves space and allows for family-style meals on the water. The finishing touch? The subtle glow of bright blue LEDs that are functional for safety and makes the vessel look positively ethereal as the sun fades.

At its core, yacht design is about creating an atmosphere of relaxation. If the owners and guests are able to enjoy every possible convenience and comfort in a beautiful space, the designer has succeeded, and the voyage is triumphant.

We hope you’ve enjoyed daydreaming with us! Keep an eye out for our next blog: How To Bring the Luxury and Freedom of Yacht Design Inside Your Home. 

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  1. What a magical post to read, I truly enjoyed spending a few minutes in the world of yacht design! Thanks for sharing !

  2. #Goals! What a lovely armchair tour of a beautiful vessel!

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