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Island Girl's Guide To Outdoor Living

Island Girl’s Guide to Outdoor Living

Thanks to our Caribbean lifestyle and years of experience working with clients and friends shopping for outdoor living furnishings and accessories, we have been able to identify three primary categories for the different types of outdoor living styles. Depending on your personal tastes and needs, our guide will be able to help you distinguish which of these approaches would work best for you and your outdoor living experience.

Cheap And Chic1. CHEAP AND CHIC

This approach is geared toward those who are seeking an inexpensive, quick fix that looks luxurious but is not meant to last for years and years. If you’re someone who enjoys changing their surroundings frequently, but you don’t want to break the bank, we’ve put together a fantastic budget-friendly look for your outdoor seating area. These items are sourced from everyone’s favorite place to shop for a bargain, Target! While we don’t have Target here in the VI; these items can be shipped, and the smaller pieces can ship directly to the VI without having to worry about things like ocean freight.

This look is simple and sophisticated with just a touch of coastal color and is an affordable way to achieve a great look whether you rent or own your home.


Durable And Colorful

For those of you looking for something that can go the distance, whether you’re designing for your rental homes or if you have a family with active kids and pets, then this is the furnishing style for you. Durability is the primary priority. Poly wood is a great option with so many fun colors and styles that can mix and match, so it’s effortless to create a cohesive look that will truly last.

The fun, bright summer colors in this design have tons of energy! The core pieces are also easy to work with, and changing out the rug and accents every few years will help make it feel like a whole new space! This look would be perfect for a family with young kids or anyone who wants to bring Caribbean color to their home this summer without overwhelming the space with blankets of different shades.

The Lux3. The LUX

You can have it all with our lux styling guide. Durability is still a primary focus, but you also have the ability to customize to achieve a look that is up to trend yet personalized.

I love the organic vibe, with the different textures in the furniture and textiles that give the space a casual yet sophisticated aesthetic. My favorite piece from this look is the chair, with its unique architectural elements that appeal to an elevated outdoor lifestyle.

There you have it, three different looks for three different buying styles. Who would have thought things could be that simple. We hope that our formulas for natural open air living have helped you narrow your focus and inspire you to apply these guides and make them your own. This summer, enjoy your new outdoor living space and share your new environment with us on social media

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